Strategic Planning

002Detroit Public Schools, under the leadership of Emergency Manager Roy Roberts, embarked upon an historic Strategic Planning process to assess current strengths and weaknesses within the district and to design a plan that will improve academic performance, increase market share, and stabilize the annual budget.

Strategic Plan

The Detroit Public Schools Strategic Plan 2013, unveiled April 11, 2013, is aimed to strengthen the Detroit Public Schools, stem enrollment losses, add new academic services to benefit students and parents while strengthening neighborhoods, and drastically improve customer service. The district engaged hundreds of stakeholders to assist in formulating the plan.

“I truly believe that Detroit Public Schools is at the most important crossroads in its history.  We must make necessary and bold changes quickly in order to ensure that we will not just survive, but thrive,” Roberts said.


As part of this process, an Opening Meeting was held Saturday, March 9 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at Renaissance High School. A wide cross section of the community was invited to this program to level-set everyone on demographic, financial, human resource, programmatic and facilities trends to provide a baseline for the strategic planning.

View the Strategic Planning Opening Meeting live:

View the full Detroit Public Schools Strategic Planning  presentation presented on Saturday, March 8, 2013 at Renaissance High School.

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