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Principal: Jeffrey Robinson

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About Us

Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy is the first public school program in the United States to provide an African-Centered curriculum. Offering grades PreK-8, the school was created to provide culturally responsive teaching techniques that prepare students both academically and culturally to become productive citizens of the 21st Century.


Through the African-Centered pedagogy, students are prioritized as the center of all learning and are educated on the contributions that African Americans made to American society and to the world. In addition to the culturally-rich academic program, the academy offers all general curriculum courses and Art and Music programs to provide a well-rounded learning experience for students.

School of the Week: Paul Robeson-Malcolm X Academy, where a resounding theme of resiliency echoes throughout

Posted on February 25, 2013

Imagine losing your home to a fire… Not only do you lose the structure, but all of the contents and memories within it. That’s the best way to describe the feeling of loss shared by educators and parents at Paul Robeson-Malcolm X Academy after the building caught fire in May of 2011, caused by lightening igniting the roof.

“Just to pass by that building, it was sad. We had so many memories there. It was like having your house catch fire, and you lose everything,” said Audrey Nelson, LSCO President of 22 years with the original Malcolm X Academy.

History so rich, it embodies what “is Detroit”

Named after two black icons—Paul Robeson, a famed black actor, singer, social activist and Malcolm X, a former leader of the Nation of Islam—Paul Robeson and Malcolm X academies were joined into one school building located at 2701 Fenkell St. in the fall of 2010.

The Albert Kahn-designed, gothic structure on Fenkell at Linwood was heavily damaged by a fire in May 2011 and was closed as a result.

Local media ran news stories with ledes such as, “The Paul Robeson Academy is going from bad to worse.”

But not in current principal Dr. Jeffrey Robinson’s eyes. The fire was just one more obstacle that the African-centered school could write in its own history book as having overcome.

Back in 1992, the “virtually all-black Malcolm X Academy moved into a virtually all-white pocket of Detroit… the reception was so hostile it reminded many people of Little Rock in 1957, not Detroit in 1992,” according to a news report in The New York Times.

The new location was a closed elementary school in Warrendale, a white working-class neighborhood of residents who opposed having an all-black school in its community. The residents went as far as spray-painting white swastikas on Malcolm X Academy’s new building, making bomb threats against the school, and on several occasions, picketing the school before classes began in September.

And this was 1992.

“This school is truly one of DPS’ jewels that embodies the rich history that is Detroit,” said Dr. Robinson.

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Our Partners

The school has partnerships with Tech State Detroit, Michigan State University’s “My Brother’s Keeper Program” and African American Language & Literacy Program, Focus Hope Detroit, and Wayne State University Africana Studies Program.


Our students participate in extra curricular programs like DAPCEP, Future City, Detroit Society of Engineers, Wayne State Math Corps, and Robotics Competitions.

Other offerings include Art, Tutoring/Extended Day Program, Accelerated Reading/Math, Robotics/Science Clubs, DAPCEP, Future Engineering Programs, Honor Society and Book Club, Michigan State University Male/Female College Program, Cheerleading, Student Government, Middle School Basketball, EBL Basketball, Legends League Baseball Volunteer Reading Corps and other Business Partnerships.

High Quality Pre-Kindergarten

We offer a high quality early learning experience for special needs and general education students 4 years of age by November 1. Detroit Public Schools’ Pre-K classroom curriculum is aligned with the National Early Childhood Standards and Michigan State Board of Education’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality. For more info, go to

About the Principal

Dr. Jeffery Robinson is a 23-year veteran of the Detroit Public School System and was selected to be principal in 2009.  He has been recognized for his educational excellence by the Michigan Department of Education, Wayne County RESA, and he received national recognition as the Milken Family Foundation National Educator of the Year in 2001.  Dr. Robinson is the 1st in the State of Michigan to receive a Ph.D. in African American and African Studies Education Issues and Policy from Michigan State University.

Our Name

The Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy is named after two outstanding African American men who represented the ability of Africans to excel in the face of adversity. Paul Robeson was a pioneer in the cultural arts.  Paul Robeson recognized that his accomplishments meant nothing if future generations were not able to follow him, so he sacrificed part of his career to pioneer civil rights and take up the causes of justice.

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, or more commonly known as Malcolm X, is the legendary Black Prince of Civil Rights and the causes of social justice.  Malcolm X represents to young African American children the possibilities available to them when they are determined and educated.

Robeson Early Learning Center

Robeson Early Learning Center Letter to Parents

While the Robeson Early Learning Center school building will close, kindergarten classrooms at Robeson Early Learning Center will be reassigned to the main Paul Robeson, Malcolm X Academy building. All Pre-K programs will relocate to Palmer Park Preparatory Academy, which has a surplus Pre-K capacity. This transition will reduce administrative and facility costs to the district by consolidating the Paul Robeson, Malcolm X Academy program into one building. It will also bring greater efficiency for Pre-K programs by consolidating at Palmer Park Preparatory Academy.

Uniform Requirements

Shirts/Blouses: White button-up ( No Polo shirts).
Pants/Skirts/Jumper: Navy Blue.  Navy Blue clip on tie and or cross snap tie for females.

Female students in grades K-5 MUST wear skirts or jumper.

Black or dark color street shoes, gym shoes only worn during gym period.

Bell Schedule

  Morning Afternoon Half Day
Mon–Thur 8:30 AM 3:40 PM 11:45 AM
Friday 8:30 AM 2:50 PM