Northwestern High School

2200 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit MI, 48208-1178

2013-2014 School Year Program/Building Changes:

  • The program at Northwestern will close, but the building will remain open.
  • Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School, currently housed in Northwestern, will expand and the building will be renamed Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern.
  • All Northwestern students will be reassigned to the Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern program.
  • The east wing of DC Prep at Northwestern will be repurposed as the DPS Professional Development Center.


About Us

Northwestern High School currently offers two career of choice Academies. Each Academy is directed by a lead teacher to assist in establishing and maintaining high academic standards as students are promoted toward graduation and college matriculation.

Northwestern’s Academies offer every student a robust and individualized learning experience to prepare them for college and careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Business. The school currently enrolls approximately 150 students in each grade level (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th).

The current two Academies have a focus on providing every student with college preparatory experiences, and Out-of-Class workplace apprenticeships, including discussions, college and job-site visits and a uniquely designed curriculum allowing qualified students to explore college level courses, work at internships and engage in community service projects.


Newly renovated $9.2 million facility, Arabic, French, College Counselors, Dual Enrollment, Honors and Advanced Placement Classes, After-School Tutoring/Extended Day Program, Second Chance Program and Adult Education, Apprenticeship Programs for Career Exploration, Mentorship Program, Accelerated Reading/Math, Advanced Science and Mathematics Coursework, AIM (Achievers In Motion) Program, Media Arts Club, Dance Groups, Cheerleaders, Future Engineers Club, Honor Society, Morning Book Club, Student Achievement Center, Swimming, Basketball, Football, Golf, JROTC, Future Models of America, Apple Users Group, Tech-Know Computer Club, Entrepreneurs of Detroit, Debate Club, Partnerships with local businesses and universities


Center for Creative Studies, Lawrence Technological University, Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, Wayne State University, Oakland University, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Ford Motor Company, Dell Computers, Microsoft

About the Principal

Belinda J. Raines envisions an educational environment that addresses the needs of the total community. Her vision is to create a 21st Century lifelong wrap-around learning environment that will benefit the community and surrounding area.

Our Vision

Northwestern High School will continue to pursue a career themed approach to assisting students in recognizing their career interests and academic strengths. We will provide students with benchmarked data as feed-back for their development and choices as they prepare to participate in the responsibilities of becoming a global citizen. We will engage students in a 24-7-365 program of community service and engagement for transitioning to responsible adulthood.

Our Mission

To prepare students for careers in STEM and Business in a 21st Century learning community and to support student career choices by offering apprenticeships and other on-the-job learning experiences.

Uniform Requirements

Pants: black or khaki
Shirt: black, grey, white polo
Skirt: black or khaki

Bell Schedule

Morning Afternoon Half Day
8:00 AM 3:15 PM 10:45 AM