Mason Academy

19955 Fenelon Street, Detroit MI, 48234-2273

Phone: (313) 866-3700 • Fax: (313) 866-3609

Principal: Omega Mostyn

About Us

Mason Elementary-Middle School is a child-centered school that believes in developing the whole child. We implement the Success for All Literacy program, technology and project based learning to develop and improve student academic achievement.


Success For All Literacy Program, Resource Coordinating Team, Mobile Dentist, Brainchild Online Math Program, After School Tutoring/Extended Day Program, Accelerated Reading/Math, Mason School Choir, Theater Arts, Basketball/Cheerleading, Volunteer Reading Corps, Business Partnerships, Peer Mediation, Student Council, Student Incentive Store

High Quality Pre-Kindergarten

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Vision Statement

  • Mason Elementary-Middle School will become an exemplary learning community where parents and students will choose to come to receive a high quality, interactive, challenging education.
  • We will provide a balanced program that emphasizes common core curriculum, elective classes, and activities that support developing the “Whole Child.”  Technology and engaging instructional delivery will be incorporated into all classrooms as we prepare our students to compete academically and socially in a technologically based, global society.  Support services and individual plans will be developed and followed to ensure student success.
  • The Mason Elementary-Middle School Community will be committed to providing an emotionally and physically safe environment that is free from bullying, violence, and drugs.
  • Staff members will model relationships that are fostered by care and cooperation, and students will learn to respect the individual differences of others that make each of us unique.  Similarly, students will learn to support one another in the learning process.  We will expect and encourage all students to be accountable for their actions and their learning while assisting them with creating and monitoring personal academic and social goals.
  • Teachers and staff will provide opportunities for higher learning and will hold our students to high expectations.  Teachers will also model continuous learning practices throughout our learning community.
  • Parents will be essential in our learning community.  They will support the school community by being present at activities, events, and meeting to demonstrate a collaborative partnership between the school, families, and the students.  Parents will be committed to volunteering time throughout the school day to further demonstrate the partnership between home and school.
  • The community will also be an essential component of the Mason Learning Community.  We will be committed to forming partnerships with businesses and services that can support our student’s academic and social growth and provide a direct student link to the world of work.

Mission Statement

Mason Elementary-Middle School is a safe and nurturing student centered, data driven learning environment.  We will provide our students with the necessary academic and emotional support systems to become successful, productive citizens who are able to meet the needs of higher education and the world of work.

Beliefs Statement

We believe that all students are capable and can learn in a healthy, clean and safe environment.  Collaboration and shared decision-making are essential components in providing a welcoming, balanced, successful, child-centered learning community.

The name we honor

The school is named in honor of Stevens T. Mason who was instrumental to Michigan’s development, leading the territory to statehood in 1837 and serving as the first elected Governor. Mason Elementary-Middle School exemplifies courage and pride, two traits strongly exhibited by Governor Mason.

Commitment to Higher Education

Mason Elementary-Middle School has adopted “Success for All” (SFA), which is a whole-school reform model. The evidenced based reform was selected to close the achievement gap for at-risk children and to increase academic achievement for ALL students. The SFA program is based on Cooperative Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and Common Assessment Rubrics. Additional key focuses of the SFA model are getting the entire community to focus on high reading achievement in order to increase achievement scores across all content areas, and to continue to change the school climate into one that personifies high expectations for students, staff, and parents.

Changes for Fall 2012

Mason Elementary School Letter to Parents

While the building will close, all students currently enrolled at Mason Elementary-Middle School will be offered enrollment at Farwell Elementary-Middle School. New students residing in the Mason Elementary School boundary will be assigned to either Farwell Elementary-Middle School or Nolan Elementary-Middle School, depending on the student’s address. Farwell will be renamed Mason Elementary-Middle School. In the last five years, Mason lost 13 percent of its enrollment and is projected to lose another 29 percent in the next five years. Among all DPS facilities, Mason Elementary-Middle School is the 14th lowest ranked building. Nolan and Farwell are the two better buildings in this area and are well-suited for the DPS PreK-8 academic model. The successful Mason academic program will benefit the lower performing Farwell program. In addition to the academic benefits of this transition, Mason, Nolan and Farwell schools are all located within a two-mile radius and have a combined 1,000 empty seats. Therefore, only two schools are needed in this area of declining population.

Bell Schedule

  Morning Afternoon Half Day
Mon–Thur 8:30 AM 3:40 PM 11:45 AM
Friday 8:30 AM 2:50 PM