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Principal: Jean-Daniel Ostertag

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About Us

The Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS), a K-8 program, is one of the only public immersion programs in the state, offering partial-immersion programs in French, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese. The FLICS language program is a K-12 language program in one of the above four languages, with seamless continuation at the high school level. This makes the FLICS language program one of the only K-12 language continua in four languages in the country. Our focus is the foreign, or global, languages staffed with highly trained teachers from all corners of the world.

Parents choose FLICS because they want their child to be prepared for a rigorous, college-preparatory high school; successful in college; and equipped to compete in today’s global society.  Through rigorous instruction and cultural immersion, FLICS is a child’s head start to becoming a global citizen.


Dual-language, partial-immersion programs in French, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese, technology integrated curriculum, Accelerated reading & math, Chess Club, First Move Chess curricular integration, web-based resource materials, a championship Chess Team, Lower School and Upper School Science Fairs, Student Government, and Volunteer Reading Corps.  After school programs include dance, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, DAPCEP, Martial Arts, Science Club, Future Cities, global language clubs and festivals, Basketball, Soccer, and Cheer Squad.

About the Principal

Todd Losié is a veteran college-preparatory, high school language teacher and former High School Teacher of the Year. He has shared his expertise in second language pedagogy at multiple state and national world language conferences with an emphasis on the African-American learner.  He is also a contributing writer for three national textbook series.  Mr. Losié holds graduate degrees in Second Language Teaching, Educational Leadership, and Elementary Education.  His background is well suited to preparing students to be college ready and second language proficient.


FLICS students who complete the nine year language program (K-8), will understand and appreciate cultural diversity, and demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the use of technology, mathematical reasoning, in addition to reading, writing, speaking English, and in a second language.  The FLICS student is equipped to succeed in our global society.


The mission of the Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS) is to create a safe, healthy, and engaging learning environment for all students and staff; to develop global citizens proficient and literate in a second language, as well as in English, Mathematics, and Science.  In addition, students will develop critical thinking skills and creativity using modern technology, embracing cultural diversity, and in life-long learning skills.

Uniform Requirements

Shirts: Solid white, collared (Elementary); Solid black, collared (Middle School)
Pants/Skirts/Shorts:  Navy Blue (Elementary); Khaki (Middle School)
Sweaters/under-garments/tights/socks: Solid navy blue, white, or black.

Bell Schedule

  Morning Afternoon Half Day
Mon–Thur 8:00 AM 3:10 PM 11:15 AM
Friday 8:50 AM 3:10 PM



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