Drew Transition Center

9600 Wyoming Street, Detroit MI, 48204-4669

Phone: (313) 873-6880 • Fax: (313) 651-0157

Principal: Robert Avedisian

About Us

The Charles Drew Center is a unique Post-secondary vocational center for Moderate and Severely Cognitively Impaired, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Physically Impaired, Otherwise Health Impaired, and students with Autism. The Transition Center, which serves post-secondary special education students ages 18-26, is a one-of-a-kind Center-Based educational facility that has created a continuum of services for students with disabilities to ensure students have access to an age-appropriate learning environment.  We believe that the transition process is best experienced through authentic life training, and real world connections. Students are prepared for the world of work and to become productive citizens with the necessary skills that will increase their quality of life.

All students are individually assessed at the Transition Center, and instruction is delivered through a unique simulated work and living environment.  On-site counseling and related-agency support services are made available to students and parents daily.  “A Person Centered Plan” emerges into a transition plan that is aligned with the student’s career pathway, daily schedule, and educational development plan.  Many of the transition students are able to display acquired skills successfully daily into the real-world of work environments. Transition students are currently placed within community businesses in Metro Detroit in various departments at: Karmanos, Veterans Hospital, TJ Maxx, Various Auto repair shops, and Harold’s Place Hair Shop.  We have a student operated kitchen that is aggressively growing with untapped student skills.

Students attending the transition center earn a certificate of completion. The goal is to provide students with skill training that will transfer to the real adult world. Students learn in a non-traditional classroom setting that promotes independent living and employability skills in real life environments.


The remodeled building features simulated environments located on Main Street with a retail promenade, working bank, laundry facility, beauty salon, retail clothing store, convenience store, fitness center, post office, and a foods program. Music, Dance, Glee Club, Media Clubs, Special Olympics, School Garden and Business Partnerships are also offered.

Vision Statement

Charles R. Drew Transition Center’s vision is to provide instruction that meets the individual educational needs of the special education adult learner 18-26 years of age in achieving vocational and daily living skills that lead to employment and full inclusion into community life.

Mission Statement

Charles R. Drew Transition Center will prepare our special education adult learners with the skills needed to make a successful transition into the post-secondary adult world and prepare them to become productive contributing members of society.

Beliefs Statement

Charles R. Drew Transition Center believes that every student is a learner possessed with unique skills and abilities. The staff will strive to meet each students needs to enable them to make a successful transition into the community and the world of work.

Uniform Requirements

Shirts: White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Beige.
Pants/Skirts: Solid Colors-Blue, Black, Khaki.

Bell Schedule

Morning Afternoon Half Day
9:00 AM 4:10 PM 12:15 PM