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Principal: Johnathon Matthews

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The Academy of Public Leadership’s goal is to help students develop their own voices by teaching them the ability to solve complex problems, think critically, and advocate persuasively for themselves and their communities. These outcomes are achieved through standards-based curriculum combined with education program focused on rule of law, community service and action planning, educational framework inclusive of block scheduling, collaborative learning and inquiry–based instruction.

School of the Week: Cody Academy of Public Leadership

Posted on December 9, 2013

Cody Academy of Public Leadership (Cody APL) students don’t think of one another as just students inside a school building. They think of themselves as a small neighborhood or a family. And they believe that tight-knit culture is part of what makes the school a success.

“Because we are put into small cohorts as we enter APL as freshmen, I have a very strong, close relationship with my classmates and my teachers,” student Torrianna Bradley said.

Cody APL, one of three small schools located at the Cody High School campus, is considered a small community school consisting of about 400 students where freshmen will travel through their entire high school career with the same classmates and teachers.

“The culture at Cody APL is pretty much like a family,” said senior Brandon Rutland. “We move together as a group, as a unit. We call the Cody Campus our city.”

Within that city, students and staff work collectively to ensure every student succeeds, starting with the way the curriculum in structured.

One of DPS’ nine Detroit Rising self-governing schools, Cody APL is a college preparatory school where students practice two-hour block scheduling and rotate classes according to days instead of hours. This method adjusts students’ mindsets to think and act as if they were attending a college or university.

“You don’t understand how ready I am for college!” Bradley expressed excitedly. Along with their college-like curriculum, Cody APL students attend frequent college tours and take part in dual enrollment to aid in college readiness.

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Dual enrollment, tutoring/extended day programs, Internship program, Accelerated reading/math, ACT prep program, extensive mentoring  programs, ROTC (required freshman year), Chess, Dance, Honor society, Newspaper, Videography, Sports, Drama, Cheerleading, Student Government, Basketball, Football, Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Track and Field, Cross Country.

Uniform Requirements

Tops: Solid Black or Gray collared shirt or blouse.
Bottom: Khaki or Black non-denim pants

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Morning Afternoon Half Day
8:00 AM 3:20 PM 11:15 AM