571 Mack Avenue, Detroit MI, 48201

Phone: (313) 494-1805 • Fax: (313) 494-0992

Principal: Charles Todd

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Program Description

Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine is a small, safe
school located in desirable midtown Detroit directly across from the Detroit
Medical Center that offers unique experiences for students interested
in science and medicine. We talk about an “8 year” college prep curriculum because the expectation is that students not only finish high school within four years but also advance to and graduate from a post-secondary institution. We also boast partnerships with the Detroit Medical Center, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Henry Ford Health Systems, Wayne County Community College, Linked Learning, and Michigan Future Schools along with other notable businesses and organizations. Students learn through work-based experiences, project-based learning, seminar/mentoring relationships with teachers, and small group study. College and medical campus tours, job shadowing, Future DOcs, and Future Nurses programs give students further opportunities to explore careers in science and medicine.


Program Highlights

BENCARSON_022_EDITA significant component of each student’s experience will be the support of college-preparation infused in the school culture. The unique opportunities include:

  • 100% of seniors accepted into post secondary institutions
  • 100% graduation rate
  • 100% of freshmen and sophomores in dual enrollment
  • Over $1.3 million in scholarships awarded
  • National Academy Foundation (NAF) Academy of Health Science 4-year pathway program
  • Nursing and pharmacy programs that culminate in state certifications
  • Annual White Coat Ceremony

What to expect

  • DSC_0054Real-Life Experiences: The benefits that Benjamin Carson High School students enjoy include job-shadowing medical professionals, attending medical events, personalized discussions with doctors and health care professionals and much more. The students’ mentors are medical students, doctors and health professionals.
  • High Expectations: The curriculum is heavily-based in science and mathematics coursework.  Students learn through project-based learning, seminar/mentoring relationships with teachers, and small group study, allowing them to have many opportunities to forge strong relationships with teachers.
  • Safe, Secure, and Welcoming: Expectations of professional demeanor are supported by a behavior code and zero tolerance policies.

The Name We Honor

DSC_0086The school is named in honor of the acclaimed Detroit-born, African-American pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson. As a pediatric neurosurgeon on the staff of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Carson has been honored with the 2008 Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contributions.

The school aims to honor the contributions Dr. Carson has made not only to the global medical community, but also as a role model for Detroit students with aspirations and interests in science and medical fields.

To learn more visit Johns Hopkins University.

Commitment to College Success

DSC_0062The high school will provide a college preparatory curriculum allowing students to explore college courses, work at internships and engage in community service projects.

The school environment will be devoted to guiding students toward discovering their career potential while visualizing themselves as college graduates. The commitment to college success for all students will be supported by staff members and a College Transition Advisor who will assist students with college applications, scholarships, financial aid and provide support once students are enrolled in college.

Bell Schedule

Morning Afternoon Half Day
8:00 AM 3:20 PM 11:15 AM