Brewer Academy

18025 Brock Street, Detroit MI, 48205-3522

Phone: (313) 866-2070 • Fax: (313) 866-2098

Principal: Cecily Wilson

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Brewer Academy not only works to ensure students receive a premier educational experience; students are also trained to be respectful young leaders and critical thinkers. Offering grades PreK-8, Brewer utilizes the latest technology to enhance a general curriculum with targeted programs in mathematics and science that challenge students to excel both academically and socially.

Brewer held the title of National Science Bowl Regional Champions in both 2010 and 2011, and was the only urban school to attend the National Science Bowl Championship with an all-female team. The school holds three Academic Games State Championships and two Academic Games National Championships in the categories of Equations and On-Sets.

School of the Week: Brewer Academy

Posted on May 20, 2013

When any woman walks into a classroom at Brewer Academy on the city’s east side, the young men have been taught to immediately spring to their feet and provide the appropriate greeting—either “Good morning ma’am” or “Good afternoon ma’am.” And they do not sit back down until that woman acknowledges their greeting.

I Am a Man

This simple yet highly impactful gesture is part of Principal Cecily Wilson’s plan to turn her “Brewer boys” into young men. Several years ago, Wilson created the I Am a Man club to ensure “our young black boys are viewed as gentlemen,” she shares.

“They said it takes a man to teach a boy how to be a man. I can’t do that,” says Wilson. “But I can teach you how to be a gentleman, and I can teach you how to respect a lady. And these young men are truly respectful in every aspect of the word.”

Beulah Cain Brewer, the first African-American principal in Detroit Public Schools—the woman that the school is named after—would be proud.

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Uniform Requirements

Middle School grades 6-8

Gray uniform pants (only);  Gray skirts (only);  Polo Shirts in burgundy or light pink only

Elementary students grades K-5

Navy blue pants, skirtrs or uniform shorts to knees. Red Polo Shirts only.

All students

Sweaters same color as uniforms for elementary/middle school students; black shoes or black gym shoes.

Bell Schedule

  Morning Afternoon Half Day
Mon–Thur 9:00 AM 4:10 PM 12:15 PM
Friday 9:00 AM 3:20 PM