EAA-Brenda Scott Academy for Theatre Arts

18440 Hoover, Detroit MI, 48205

Phone: (313) 866-6700

Principal: Ronnie Sims

Changes for Fall 2012

Brenda Scott Academy has been selected to transition to The Education Achievement Authority (EAA) of Michigan, a new statewide system of schools that will assume operation of the lowest 5 percent of the Persistently Lowest Achieving (PLA) schools in the state of Michigan. The EAA’s mission is to develop a new approach to educating children who are growing up in a 21st  Century digital environment.

The EAA of Michigan will begin operating its first schools in September 2012 when 15 elementary, middle and high schools in Detroit are transferred into the new system of schools.

About The Education Achievement Authority

The EAA of Michigan will support a student-centered system of education that emphasizes a culture of continuous improvement. It plans to eliminate the traditional model in which students progress through school based on their age and “seat time,” or the required time a student must spend in a class to receive official credit for the class. Students will be organized by instructional levels based on completion of course content rather than by grade levels based on age. In other words, they will progress to the next level in school based on their mastery of content rather than the completion of a nine-month school year.

If a student can complete course work in six months, rather than nine, they will be advanced to the next level of course work.

If a student needs 10 months to complete course work, they will not be penalized because it takes them longer.

The EAA of Michigan will hire proven leaders and personnel to work in the schools that are brought under its jurisdiction. Principals will be empowered to assemble their staff, hire the best teachers and support them in a multitude of ways to improve individual student academic growth. The EAA of Michigan will direct 95 percent of the resources to the school classroom level.

For more information, go to Michigan.gov/eas

About Brenda Scott Academy

Brenda Scott Academy for Theatre Arts promotes excellence in educating children while providing all the resources necessary to help promote the success of the families of the Academy.

Current offerings

Music, Art, Dance, Fencing, ESL, Hmong, Languages, 21st CenturyTutoring/SES extended day program, Accelerated, reading/math, Drama, Chess, DAPCEP, Radio Broadcaster/Announcers, Videography, Gentlemen’s Club Boys Mentoring, Real Ladies First Girls Mentoring program, Think DetroitPAL, Recycling program, School garden, Champion Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Chess, Academic Games, Robotics, Chemistry Club, Student Government, Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Track and Field, Special Olympics,VIP Mentoring, FASTFamily (Black Family Development), Neighborhood Services Organization, Hmong Community Alliance, Resource Coordinating Team, Resource Teachers, Volunteer Reading and Business Corps, McDonalds, Great Lakes Chapter The Links Inc., Church / civic groups; mentors, tutors, United Way, Youth With A Vision, Osborn Neighborhood Services, Youth Connections

 Our neighborhood and site

Brenda Scott enrolls students within the Osborn Community, which was selected to receive a National good neighborhood grant as a result of the Black Family Development.  Brenda Scott has a unique campus that features basketball and tennis courts, soccer, track and football fields and a baseball diamond.  It also has a community garden which is serviced annually by business partners and volunteer organizations.