Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you currently unemployed and seeking reemployment?
  2. Have you applied for unemployment?
    1. If not you can do so online or by phone at (866) 500-0017 (more information on unemployment )
  3. Did you know that Michigan Works can assist you with your resume and receiving additional training/education?
    1. Please visit the MichiganWorks website for more detailed information and services.
  4. Do you need additional assistance locating a job, preparing your resume, basic necessities or other personal concerns?
    1. The JAC has identified several resources that can assist you.
  5. Have you attended any job fairs recently?
    1. The JAC periodically identifies job fairs that may be of interest
  6. Are you aware there are agencies/funds that may assist you through your job transition?
    1. The JAC has compiled a list of agencies that may be able to assist you in your transition.
  7. Are you aware of the services provided through the Work First and Detroit Workforce Development service centers?
    1. A complete list of services is available on the Detroit Workforce Development website