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For quick enrollment questions, call (313) 240-4377.

To enroll

AMELIA_EARHART_060_EDITTo enroll a new student or to re-enroll a current student, there are a few simple steps you must take for your neighborhood school. Parents and guardians must apply in person at a school and provide the following:

  1. Child’s birth certificate
  2. Proof of address (W-2, pay stub, public assistance documents, any official government mail, utility bills, driver’s license, etc.)
  3. Immunization record
  4. Transcripts or Report Cards
  5. Enrollment form (new enrollees) DPS Enrollment Form 20162015 DPS Enrollment Form-Spanish 2015 DPS Enrollment Form-ArabicDPS Enrollment Form- BengaliDPS Enrollment Form-RomanianDPS Enrollment Form-Hmong

See more information below for Examination, Application and Early Childhood Schools.

Find your neighborhood school

To find a school in your area, please enter your address in the School Boundary Search.

Visit your school


Once you have gathered the necessary paperwork, call the school you want your child to attend to arrange a visit in order to complete the process. A parent or guardian should accompany students. Except for application schools, students are assigned to schools in their neighborhood. Parents whose children are returning to DPS or new to the district should visit their school of choice to enroll. Transportation rules will apply. Enrollment into an examination school or in application schools, as well as enrolling special needs students require steps in addition to those listed above. For enrollment information, call (313) 240-4377.

Attention all Non-Resident Students: 

Detroit Public Schools may now enroll non-resident students* for the 2016-2017 school year under Section 105 and Section 105c of the State School Aid Act (MCL 388.1705c[19]). Enrollment is open to students in grades K-12 now through Friday, September 9, 2016. Parents/guardians can go to the schools directly to enroll their child/children. Please be sure to have your child’s/children’s:  original birth certificate, immunization record, and all official transcript records at the time of enrollment. Please note there are additional considerations that must be met for our exam and application schools.

*There is no cost for School of Choice students; no transportation is provided for Schools of Choice students; and Detroit Public schools may refuse to enroll a non-resident student that is or has been suspended during the past two years or has been expelled.


Pick YOUR Perfect School!




Early Childhood

DSC_0278Detroit Public Schools Foundation for Early Learners provides a high quality early learning experience for special needs and general education students 4 years of age by December 1. The Early Childhood Programs are comprised of two prekindergarten programs: the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) and Title I. Students selected for the Great Start Readiness Program must have at least two (2) risk factors and meet the income guidelines. Title I students are selected based on the needs of the school community.

The first day of Pre-Kindergarten is September 28, 2016.

Among the first initiatives to be implemented from the district’s 2013-17 strategic plan, “Neighborhood-Centered, Quality Schools,” Detroit Public Schools has vastly increased preschool offerings for eligible students, expanded art and music offerings in all schools and created new parenting programs to increase parent engagement.

Visit the Foundation for Early Learners website »

Application Schools 


Detroit Public Schools has 22 schools that require an application for enrollment. DPS Application Schools range from a number of top-ranked schools by Excellent Schools Detroit to new programs such as the Mark Twain School for Scholars, a gifted and talented school in Southwest Detroit, to language immersion programs, such as those offered at Academy of the Americas and Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School. Other Application School options include high-achieving elementary schools to specialty programs such as Davis Aerospace Technical High School, where students can learn to fly while taking a rigorous college preparatory curriculum; Dr. Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine, which offers medical pathways; Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School, which has comprehensive partnerships with Johns Hopkins and other institutions; and Detroit School of Arts, the metro region’s premier performing arts and music high school.

The Round 1 application period has closed, but enrollment is ongoing in many schools. Families may call any school to determine if spots are still available! Applications are open to families of current DPS students as well as those newly enrolling or attending school elsewhere.

The district is now using one application for its Applications schools.  Please note requirements on the Application for submission of report cards, test data, transcripts, essay and Grade Point Average information. Schools also may have other individual entry requirements listed below. Be prepared to provide behavior reports.

DPS Common Application for Application Schools

DPS Application for Application Schools -Spanish

Application 2016-Arabic

Application 2016-Hmong

Application 2016-Bengali

Application 2016-Romanian

The application schools, with individual requirements, are as follows:

  • Academy of the Americas — Application/language proficiency assessment
  • Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School — Application/ 2.5 GPA / letters of recommendation  Ann Arbor Trail Letter of Recommendation Template.Final
  • Bates Academy — Application/3.2 minimum GPA requirement/assessment/letters of recommendation  Bates Academy Letter of Recommendation Check List
  • Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine –Application
  • Burton International Academy — Application
  • Chrysler Elementary — Application/ assessment/interview
  • Clippert Academy — Application/ 2.5 GPA/letters of recommendation  Clippert Academy Magnet Middle School Letter of Recommendation template
  • Communication and Media Arts — Application/ letters of recommendation CMA Letter of Recommendation Template
  • Davis Aerospace Technical High School — Application/ 2.5 GPA/ letters of recommendation Davis Aerospace Letter of Recommendation Template
  • Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern — Application/ 2.5 GPA / Letters of Recommendation
  • Detroit International Academy for Young Women — Application
  • Detroit School of Arts — Application/audition/2.5 GPA requirement/letters of recommendation 2015 2016 Detroit School of Arts Application Recommendation Form
  • Edward Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art at Beckham — Application/2.5 GPA/ letters of recommendation Duke Ellington Letter of Recommendation Template
  • Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School — Application /2.5 GPA/ language assessment
  • Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men — Application/interview
  • Golightly Education Center — Application/2.5 GPA
  • Ludington Magnet Middle and Honors Academy — Application/ 2.5 GPA/Assessment/Interview
  • Marcus Garvey Academy — Application/ 2.5 GPA
  • Mark Twain School for Scholars — Application/ 3.0 GPA/Assessment
  • Nichols Elementary-Middle School — Application
  • Robeson/Malcolm X Academy — Application / 2.5 GPA / Minimum 3.2 GPA for Grades 6-8 Honors program
  • Spain Elementary-Middle School — Application/ letters of recommendation

The High School Examination Process for Fall 2016

All 8th grade students attending public and non-public schools are eligible to apply for admission to the 9th grade at Cass Technical High School, Renaissance High School and Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School’s Mathematics, Science and Applied Technology (MSAT) and Center for International Studies and Commerce programs for Fall 2016. Residency is not required.

Contact the Detroit Public Schools Office of Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Accountability at 313-576-0050 with questions.

What are the steps required to apply?

Students must first complete and submit an application in order to take the placement exam. The applications must be submitted between October 9, 2015 and October 30, 2015.

Where can applications be found?

Applications are available during the application period at 1) All Detroit Public Libraries 2) All Detroit Public Schools’ Middle Schools 3) DPS Parent Resource Centers 4) Detroit Public Schools’ Office of Research Evaluation Assessment and Accountability located in the Support Services Complex Building-A at 1425 East Warren Ave.

When do students take the placement exam?

Detroit Public Schools students who submit an application will test at their middle school, January 13, 2016.  Non-DPS students who submit an application will be notified of their testing date and location by mail no later than December 30, 2015. Completed applications must be turned in, along with all required documents, to the student’s current school or the Detroit Public Schools Office of Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Accountability by October 30, 2015.

Students must submit an application to be eligible to take the exam.

Can the application packet be mailed?

Yes. Mailed applications must be post marked by October 30, 2015

How are students notified of results?

The examination results are mailed in March.

What happens if students miss the application date or are seeking to transfer from another school?

Students interested in making a change in their school placement or students that have missed the application period can complete an “appeals packet” and submit it to their school of interest for consideration. See Appeal packets below.

What are admissions requirements once my my child is accepted?

To finalize the enrollment process, please visit the school by no later than April 4, 2016 with the completed forms below:

For Cass Technical High School:

Please read carefully and submit all required documentation as instructed.

  1. 2015 DPS Enrollment Form 2015 DPS Enrollment Form-Spanish 2015 DPS Enrollment Form-ArabicDPS Enrollment Form- BengaliDPS Enrollment Form-RomanianDPS Enrollment Form-Hmong
  2. Record-Request-Form-2015-2016
  3. 2016 9th Grade Application for Students Tested and Accepted
  4. DPS Annual Health Form
  5. Student Publicity Release Form
  6. CT Profile Form 2016 – 2017
  7. Copy of Birth Certificate
  8. Disciplinary Report
  9. Proof of Residency
  10. Immunization record

For Martin Luther King Jr. Sr. High School:

  1. Child’s birth certificate
  2. Proof of address (W-2, pay stub, public assistance documents, any official government mail, utility bills, driver’s license, etc.)
  3. Immunization record
  4. Transcripts or Report Cards
  5. Enrollment form (new enrollees) 2015 DPS Enrollment Form 2015 DPS Enrollment Form-Spanish 2015 DPS Enrollment Form-ArabicDPS Enrollment Form- BengaliDPS Enrollment Form-RomanianDPS Enrollment Form-Hmong

For Renaissance High School:

Please go to the Renaissance High School website to see requirements.

How is the appeal process handled?

Each examination high school principal will select up to 10% of their new incoming 9th grade students through this process. Parents/students can download the appeals packet below. All decisions regarding the appeals are made by the school.

The Appeal Period is March 15, 2016 to April 15, 2016.

Cass Technical High School

CT Appeal Information Sheet
2016 9th Grade Appeals Application: Deadline April 15
Student Publicity Release Form
Record Request Form
DPS Annual Health Form
CT Profile Form 2016 – 2017

Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School

Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High 2016 Appeal Packet

Renaissance High School

Renaissance High School Appeal Process 2016

Adult Education

Detroit Public Schools’ Adult Education programs offer High School Completion, General Educational Development (GED), Adult Basic Education/Pre-GED, and English as a Second Language at 11 community sites and school, including two main Adult Education campuses, throughout Detroit.

Free classes are available for more 1,200 adult learners 20 years and up, giving them the opportunity to upgrade their academic skills, complete high school, and obtain a General Educational Development (GED). We also provide opportunities at two Detroit Learning Labs for students to receive GED preparation.

Bus tickets are available. DPS’ main Adult Education Centers are located in two newly renovated facilities which include a new Welcome Center, Student Lounge, Media Centers and more than 200 new desktop computer learning stations. There are also numerous community sites to serve all clients throughout the City.

Visit the Adult Education website for details »

Enrollment for Homeless Children

About Detroit Public Schools

Detroit Public Schools is creating Centers of Excellence in every school in every neighborhood. The district’s primary mission is educating students to perform at high academic levels. DPS offers educational advantages to students throughout the district’s schools, including:

  • Academy of the Americas High School with Spanish Language/Literature, Honors classes, Career Exploration and more! Enrolling 9th, 10th and 11th graders for Fall 2016!
  • Mark Twain Academy for Scholars, featuring a new gifted and talented program!
  • Individual Learning Maps for every student at 97 schools
  • Expanded Arts/Music offerings
  • New Elementary and Middle School organized sports leagues
  • High quality Pre-Kindergarten
  • “Community Schools Model” offering services for families during expanded hours
  • New Parent University and other new/expanded parent programs
  • District-wide, high-quality Customer Service mandate
  • 7 world languages and robust ESL programs
  • Take-home Netbooks for students in grades 8-12 (with parental consent) and accessible for all students in grades 6 and up
  • New and renovated state-of-the-art school buildings along with millions of dollars in school building improvements districtwide
  • Safety and security enhancements in schools throughout the district
  • Transportation, free healthy meals and a focus on safe routes to schools
  • Nearly $164 million in grants and scholarships for 2015 grads
  • More latchkey services
  • 16 of the top 31 elementary schools ranked by Excellent Schools Detroit