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November 20th, 2008

Pulaski Elementary/Middle School

Pulaski Elementary/Middle School

Dr. Ethel Jones, Principal

19725 Strasburg Street



Pulaski Elementary/Middle School is a K-8 school with a clear vision and mission. The vision of the Casmir Pulaski Elementary/Middle School staff is that Pulaski school be a driving force in academic performance, focusing on data-driven strategies to ensure student achievement.  The staff at Pulaski believe the school will continue to become the preferred choice of residents and eligible non-residents. The mission of the Casmire Pulaski Elementary/Middle School staff, community and student body is to create a learning environment that provides every student the equal opportunity to achieve their individual potential.

The educational process takes place in a clean, safe, and healthy facility.  The school’s mission is being achieved through the cohesiveness of the administration, staff, parents, students and community. They value children as individuals within the community of the school. Principal Dr. Ethel Jones says she has hard working teachers, supportive parents, and great students. In return, the students feel the staff is genuinely interested in them resulting in high student self esteem. Pulaski offers three tutoring programs to build academic skills, social skills, and provide arts education.

The staff, student body and community at Pulaski is multicultural with African-American, Caucasian, Latino, Asian, and American Indian all represented. Because the student body reflects the community, Pulaski is able to draw on the community to provide support and additional help for students. Pulaski works with organizations such as AAA of Michigan, Learning Gizmos, the Detroit Community Initiative, and the Detroit News and Free Press.  Pulaski has met or exceeded the MEAP targets with an increase in test scores over the 2005-2006 school year. The school has received countless awards and recognition for student achievement and academic success.

Pulaski students take pride in their school and it shows! You can visit Pulaski’s website at

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