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School of the Week: Fisher Magnet Upper Academy

After trying her hand at the flute, Fisher Magnet Upper Academy fifth-grader Lovely Rogers was excited to test her skills at the clarinet as part of her school’s new music program. But Rogers, 10, is not content with learning just two instruments. She already has her eye on the saxophone, which Fisher Upper students can select as their chosen instrument in their later grades, and she’s thankful that music is being offered again at her school and in elementary and middle schools throughout DPS as one of the district’s Strategic Initiatives. “It’s a good opportunity for kids to learn a talent,” said Rogers, who plans to be a lawyer. Music classes are just one of the many programs Fisher Upper

School of the Week: Adult Education-West Campus

There are no shortcuts, but plenty of paths to success and wraparound support, at Detroit Public Schools’ Adult Education-West Campus Like schools across DPS, this educational facility has storyboards of recent graduations with photos of successful students who have completed the program. Data walls demonstrating academic progress are on the walls of every classroom. A code enforcing appropriate behavior is posted for prominent viewing. On Career Day, there’s a presentation from a Tuskegee Airman. The classrooms are centers of differentiated instruction. There are nutritional offerings. And students get free bus passes. But inside this solid brick, nicely remodeled building facing Puritan Ave. in northwest Detroit, the students in the photos are all over 18 (one, 80 years old), the data

School of the Week: Gompers Elementary-Middle School

“Today I pledge to be the best I can possibly be… Today I pledge to believe in me!” Every morning at Samuel Gompers Elementary-Middle School, the microphone is handed to the Gompers Broadcast Team, an energetic group of students who do not skip a beat on updating the school with current weather conditions, sports statistics, and of course the word of the day. At Gompers, it is evident that students are taking charge of their futures. With focus and dedication, the ‘GEM’ has been unveiled (Gompers Elementary-Middle) There are three main points that staff focus on, says Principal Bobbie Posey-Milner. Those points are teaching, learning and the child. With more than 900 students who attend Gompers, Posey-Milner says she strives

School of the Week: Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art at Beckham

Integrating Fine Arts into African-American History through music, dance and visual art If you need a dose of energy on any given Friday, walk into the auditorium at Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art at Beckham on the city’s east side. During a recent visit to Duke Ellington, a PreK-8 school with nearly 800 students, the middle school dance class was engaged in a Masters Class presented by Joey Lorraine of the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Lorraine is a teaching artist for a program titled, “Dancing through Barriers.” Integrating the dance Masters Class into Black History Month, Lorraine said the custom-made residency—created and funded by the Dance Department at the Detroit Opera House—taught DPS students how to elegantly move

School of the Week: Jerry L. White Center

“If it is to be, it is up to me!” When you walk in the doors at the Jerry L. White Center, you are immediately greeted with a smile, a handshake, a hug, and most importantly a personalized welcome that represents the theme of the school “If it is to be, it is up to me!” Students and staff alike are treated as family members and constantly feel a sense of belonging and love. So in turn, when there are visitors at J.L. White, students welcome and treat their guests as they too are a part of their family. As one of Detroit Public Schools’ premier special education high schools, Jerry L. White is a center-based special education program educating

School of the Week: Bennett Elementary School

Picture this… Four elementary school girls gripping karaoke microphones, singing their hearts out to one of their favorite pop star’s— Selena Gomez—hit songs. Watching their performance, it looks like the girls are in the comfort of their own home, or maybe at a friend’s house, but surprisingly these students are in their school cafeteria. Lunchtime at Bennett Elementary School is not your average “lunch hour” according to Principal Josette Buendia. Bennett’s lunchtime is infused with singing, laughter and support from classmates and staff much like the culture of the school. As students enjoy a deliciously balanced lunch, provided by the Office of School Nutrition, they are able to take part in a daily lunchtime karaoke session open to all. Students

School of the Week: Ludington Magnet Middle School

Continuing a legacy of excellence propelled by new and innovative programs  As the first-year principal at Ludington Magnet Middle School, Allan Cosma came to the school with a plan in hand. He organized four Open Houses during the 2013 Summer Enrollment Campaign—although the requirement for each school was to only host one Open House event—and has been extremely proactive in meeting parents and community members to hear their concerns and educate them on the plans he has in store to keep Ludington on top. History of Excellence Ludington Magnet Middle School is an application school for grades 5-8 and is nationally recognized as a “School to Watch” by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform. Ludington is the only school

School of the Week: Edison Elementary School!

Edison Elementary School continues to serve families in its community through organization, role modeling, and inventing Well organized for success “Let’s go, guys.” “Put your coat on.” “Keep it moving.” “Ladies, can we please continue this on the bus?” Just after 3:40 p.m., a frenzied level of activity begins in the hallway leading to the exit door at the western end of the school’s first floor, continues along the walkways in front  of the Edison Elementary School campus, and picks up even more as cars, busses, a taxi van and two veteran crossing guards converge on the already bustling Grand River Ave./Lindsay St. intersection. The cacophony and the crowds sound and appear even more spirited in the midst of the

School of the Week: Cody Academy of Public Leadership

Cody Academy of Public Leadership (Cody APL) students don’t think of one another as just students inside a school building. They think of themselves as a small neighborhood or a family. And they believe that tight-knit culture is part of what makes the school a success.  “Because we are put into small cohorts as we enter APL as freshmen, I have a very strong, close relationship with my classmates and my teachers,” student Torrianna Bradley said. Cody APL, one of three small schools located at the Cody High School campus, is considered a small community school consisting of about 400 students where freshmen will travel through their entire high school career with the same classmates and teachers. “The culture at

School of the Week: Ann Arbor Trail Magnet Middle School

In Cynthia Banks-Andrzejak’s fifth-grade science classroom at Ann Arbor Trail Magnet Middle School, students dressed in gray plaid with yellow shirts and maroon ties recently huddled together over their science projects. Their expertly-crafted mini solar systems were made from a variety of creative materials, including fruit (with the sun as a grapefruit) or balls (with a baseball serving as the solar system’s largest star) and even candy and cereal (with a delicately-painted blue and green Cheerio as Earth). View the Ann Arbor Trail School of the Week Newsletter In Sakina Burch’s Science and Math classroom, students tied their learning to real-world concepts by recycling over 95% of the containers used for breakfast to minimize waste, weighing their recycling using a Kilogram