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DPS campus safety continues to improve with reported incidents down 21 percent in conjunction with new districtwide launch of climate/culture program

Detroit Public Schools today announced reported incidents are down 21 percent overall on school campuses for the first half of the school year – from September through February – as compared to the same timeframe last school year. This decrease is in conjunction with the districtwide launch of a program to build a positive school climate and culture on school grounds.

Continuing a trend of improved campus safety, DPS announces incidents down 24.7 percent on school campuses

Continuing a trend of improved campus safety, which parents have consistently rated as one of their top areas of concern, DPS today announced that reported incidents are down 24.7 percent overall on school campuses, as compared to the first three months of last school year. According to data compiled by the DPS Police Department on the district’s schools and buildings, reported incidents dropped from 456 to 343. “Parents have consistently told me that their number one concern is school safety,” said DPS Emergency Manager Jack Martin. “My promise to parents has been that we will do everything within our power to ensure that their children are safe and secure in our school buildings. These new stats are proof that DPS

Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Jack Martin appoints new Chief of Police

Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Jack Martin today announced the appointment of Stacy Brackens to serve as Chief of the Detroit Public Schools Police Department (DPSPD), effective October 14, 2014.  Brackens has served as Acting Chief of DPSPD since July 1, 2014. “The safety and security of Detroit Public Schools’ nearly 50,000 students and their safe passage to and from school, as well as the overall safety of the district’s more than 6,000 employees, are of the utmost importance,” Martin said today. A native Detroiter and a graduate of Chadsey High School, Brackens has been working with DPSPD since 2010 as Deputy Chief and has been responsible for patrol operations, supervision of uniformed officers (sworn and Campus Security Police Officers),

Detroit Public Schools issues a Call to Action to recruit hundreds of volunteers to improve Safe Routes in 14 school neighborhoods

Detroit Public Schools today announced a broad expansion of its citizen patrol programs to vastly expand Safe Routes for Detroit children and their families going to and from school. The announcement included a Call to Action for hundreds of new volunteers to flesh out teams in 14 key geographic school areas. The expanded citizen patrols, which are part of a comprehensive, multi-agency program that has helped already to spur a sharp reduction in incidents, is also one of the first initiatives to be implemented under Detroit Public Schools’ new comprehensive 5-year Strategic Plan.  The multi-faceted plan includes strategies to increase market share by adding programs that parents desire such as Universal Pre-Kindergarten for eligible students, more Arts and Music in

Detroit Public Schools continues to report downward trends in crimes and major incidents

Law enforcement officials credit partnerships with other law enforcement organizations, organizational restructuring of the DPS Police Department, additional training opportunities for Police Officers and Security personnel, upgraded electronic building security systems, citizen patrols, more  Nearly six months into this school year, Detroit Public Schools continues to report downward trends in crimes and major incidents, with reductions of 43 – 58% in serious crimes, as well as improved numbers of felony warrants obtained. Overall, the DPS Police Department reports a 13% reduction in reported crimes when compared with the same period last school year. The data was gleaned from the CRISNET report, the official written report used by the DPS Police Department and the Detroit Police Department to manage and store police information regarding criminal activity

DPS, prosecutor, law enforcement, computer theft recovery tactics lauded nationally

Nearly 400 laptops recovered since June 2009  Detroit Public Schools has been identified as a national leader in the use of high tech law enforcement and computer tracking techniques to recover stolen educational technology equipment. DPS is the only school district in the nation to have identified, disrupted, dismantled and successfully prosecuted an organized criminal group, according to the firm that markets the tracking product, Absolute Software. In September, 2010, ten subjects were charged with DPS thefts from several schools. Working with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, the DPS case has resulted in eight subjects pleading guilty. The other two are pending prosecution. 387 DPS laptop computers have been recovered since June 2009, a recovery rate of 20 percent that compares favorably nationally.

DPS is expanding citizens patrols which are part of a comprehensive multi-agency program credited with sharp reductions in incidents

Detroit Public Schools announced today that it is expanding citizens patrols which are credited as part of a comprehensive multi-agency program that have helped to spur a sharp reductions in incidents. DPS also reported that its cross jurisdictional effort, including Detroit Public Schools Police Department, Detroit Police Department, Michigan State Police and many new high tech monitoring systems, has resulted in a 25 percent decrease in police reports and a 65 percent increase in felony warrants obtained during the first seven weeks of the school year. As part of the ongoing effort, Detroit Public Schools Police Chief Roderick Grimes issued a call for additional volunteers today. Schools are seeking volunteers for new eyes-on patrols at several large high schools and

DPS to blanket community with safety message through partnership with DPTV, WRCJ-FM and hundreds of principals, pastors and community leaders

Detroit Public Schools, which is mounting a massive effort to keep Detroit students safe in and around schools, is blanketing the community with safety video messages through a partnership with the city, state and leaders across the region. Working with Detroit Public Television and WRCJ 90.9 FM, the district has created a five-minute safety-start-up video and is matching it with personalized introductions from principals throughout DPS, pastors, and community leaders. DPS Safety Video The goal is to have leaders and principals from across the city create individualized messages which they can disseminate to their respective communities that stress the importance of keeping children safe. Using the powerful networks and tools of social media, the district hopes to have the safety

New visitor badge system in DPS high schools, career technical centers aims to make school buildings safer

Contact: Steven Wasko at 313-873-4542 Kisha Verdusco at 313-873-4546 steven.wasko@detroitk12.org kisha.verdusco@detroitk12.org Visitors to Detroit Public Schools high schools, career technical schools and the district’s new Police Command Center will soon be put through on-the-spot background checks as part of a new security clearance system aimed at making campuses safer for students and staff. The system, which is being rolled out gradually to 33 sites, will instantly scan visitors’ driver licenses and state ID cards and cross-check the information with sex-offender registries throughout the United States and Canada. School security personnel can also conduct checks using visitors’ names and date of birth. It will eventually be set up at every DPS school. “With about 42,500 sex offenders in Michigan, many of

DPS Police Department, Office of Inspector General policing, investigative techniques yield high rate of arrests for B&E’s, sharp drop in computer thefts

Detroit Public Schools Police Department and Office of Inspector General have reported a sharp reduction in computer thefts, a 70 percent arrest rate for burglaries of vacant schools, an overall arrest rate of 46 percent, and a tripling of the number of criminal warrants sought.

From August 15, 2010 through January 9, 2011, 65 adults and 26 juveniles have been arrested for burglary. Criminal arrest warrants increased from 40 in 2009 to 144 in 2010, as a result of the hiring of a new Inspector for Investigations in summer 2010 and overall reorganization of the police department’s management team.

Just three break-ins involving laptop cart thefts have been reported since September, compared with a rate of three to four monthly from June 2009 through February 2010.

Additional measures credited with the drop in burglaries include:

  • The addition of a second K-9 unit and a third K-9 unit that is in training at this time.
  • Electronic security upgrades such as door alarms, motion detectors, cameras and reinforced steel doors on steel frames.
  • 24-hour deployment during the recent holiday break of Securitas security officers at 15 “hot spot” schools

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