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Priest Elementary-Middle School — “School of the Week” — Putting together the puzzle one piece at a time.

Alia Yaish’s third-grade bilingual class is noisy. Very noisy. And that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. During a recent lesson on elapsed time, Yaish asked her students to calculate how much time has passed from when a person goes to sleep on a Saturday until they wake the following Sunday. Before the students have a chance to shoot their hands in the air, she challenges the entire class to work in their individual groups to discuss their possible answers. In a matter of seconds, the children, whose desks are arranged in blocks of four, burst into a flurry of activity in their groups. Their chairs swing around, they reach across the table to dissect the problem, their voices growing

Priest School Hosts Multicultural Fair

Priest Elementary-Middle School hosted its 2nd annual Multicultural Fair on April 25, 2012. The event was designed for parents and students to interact and learn together about different countries and cultures. The Multicultural Fair was held after school and contained a variety of wonderful cultural activities. At the start of the fair, kindergarten, second and third graders performed different cultural dances. Some dance performances included a Greek round dance, an energetic Irish jig, and a Middle Eastern dance that was received by a grand round of applause. Participating families were given “passports” to get stamped while they visited numerous classrooms and saw presentations for 33 different countries. Some of the most popular countries visited were Sweden, Palestine, Iraq, India, Armenia,