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Detroit Public Schools Softball League Standings

These are the league standings as of 4-29-16.   Division One East 1st: Cass 4-1 2nd: East English Village 3-2 3rd: King 2-3 2nd: Cody 1-4   Division One West 1st: Renaissance 5-0 2nd: Western 5-0 3rd: Ford 1-4 4th: Mumford 0-5   Division Two East Standings: 1st: Osborn 3-2 2nd: DIA 2-2 2nd: Southeastern 2-2 4th: Pershing 0-5   Division Two West Standings: 1st: Central 4-0 2nd: Denby 4-0 3rd: CMA 3-1 4th: DCP at NW 2-3 5th: West Side 0-5  

West Side Academy student A’Ja Booth & teacher Nadirah Muhammad reunited after successful kidney transplant

WSA teacher Nadirah Muhammad donated her kidney to student A’Ja Booth in December 2014; A’Ja returned for her first full day of class on Tuesday, May 19 To say that teachers dedicate their lives to ensuring students succeed is an understatement at West Side Academy (WSA). In December of 2014, WSA Teacher Nadirah Muhammad took on the heroic deed of donating a kidney to a student in need: 18-year-old A’Ja Booth. On Tuesday, May 19, A’Ja returned to West Side Academy for her first full day of class, and to be reunited with Muhammad and her fellow classmates during a “red carpet” welcome-back ceremony. As A’Ja and Muhammad walked the red carpet into the school’s gymnasium – the place where