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Harms Hawks Lego Robotics Team wins!

The Harms Hawks Lego Robotics Team competed against 23 teams at The Michigan Science Center on Saturday, November 12th.  Congratulations to the Hawks for earning first place for Best Presentation of their Dog Alert App.  The Harms Hawks team comprised of 4th and 5th graders placed 3rd overall against teams with 7th and 8th grade players.  How sweet is that!  The Hawks will compete again at the State Finals on Saturday December 17th. Coaches Mr. Kevin Barker and Mrs. Rebecca Barker did a great job preparing the players for their high pressure performances. In a time restricted format, the kids have to think on the fly and make quick second decisions, which can only be accomplished through strong and skillful preparation. We are very proud of our

5th Annual SAE International Motorized Toy Car Competition

Detroit Public Schools’ students participated in the 5th Annual SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) International Motorized Toy Car Competition April, 12-13 at Cobo Center. SAE International 2016 JetToy Competition Results April 12: 15° Ramp Competition: 1st place: Team 24, Bates Academy 3rd place: Team 19, Munger Elementary-Middle School 30° Ramp Competition: 3rd place: Team 31, Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School Speed: 1st place: Team 24, Bates Academy 3rd place: Team 21, Munger Elementary-Middle School SAE International 2016 JetToy Competition Results April 13: Distance competition: 3rd place: Team 105, Munger Elementary-Middle School Distance with weight: 3rd place: Team 64, Emerson Elementary-Middle School Accuracy: 2nd place: Team 105, Munger Elementary-Middle School 3rd place: Team 104, Munger Elementary-Middle School Participating DPS teams included: JetToy Competition  A.L.

7 Detroit Public Schools honored by Mackinac Center as Top 100 schools in the state

8 DPS schools receive “A Grade” and Davison Elementary-Middle School makes the cut for top 10 best schools in the state The Mackinac Center for Public Policy recently released a new report card ranking seven Detroit Public Schools in the Top 100 best schools in the state. The Mackinac Center’s generated Context and Performance (CAP) Report Card reviewed 2,246 elementary and middle schools, taking student poverty level into account in order to better examine school performance, and is based on four years of student test scores. The CAP report card is an “apples-to-apples” comparison for parents and policymakers. View the full Mackinac Context and Performance Report Card, at www.mackinac.org/22171 This year marks the second consecutive year DPS’ Davison Elementary-Middle School has secured a spot in the “Top 10”

Harms Lego Robotics Team wins “Innovative Solution Award”

Harms Elementary School’s Lego Robotics Team won the “Innovative Solution Award” at the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Tournament on Saturday, November 14, at the Detroit Science Center. This award recognizes a team’s solution that is exceptionally well-considered and creative, with good potential to solve the problem researched. Harms’ innovative solution was to remake crayons by filling empty glue sticks with melted wax from small broken crayons. The students excelled with all three judging sessions. Harms students, parents and staff are so excited and proud of the team’s accomplishments. Special thanks to DTE Energy for sponsoring Harms during the tournament. DTE Mentors worked with the students weekly to help with the project. DTE’s generous funds covered the competition fee, robot, supplies, t-shirts and the bus.

Harms fourth grader Veronica Gonzalez annual Bookstock writing contest winner

Congratulations to Harms Elementary School fourth grader Veronica Gonzalez, who was a top finalist in the annual Bookstock writing contest. This year’s topic was “Who is your favorite book character?”  Veronica won a trophy and a cash prize for her submission.  

Harms Elementary hosts Red Wings assembly

The Detroit Red Wings Foundation visited Harms Elementary School on Friday, April 17. Students in grades third through fifth were introduced to the sport of hockey through a youth street and floor hockey initiative. The Red Wings provided equipment and hands-on instruction to familiarize kids with hockey and to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. The Harms school assembly team opened the program with an interactive lesson on exercise and healthy eating, followed by an energetic hockey shootout competition pitting students against teachers. Additionally, the assembly addressed the growing issue of bullying. Harms received two full sets of floor hockey equipment complete with hockey sticks and nets courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings Foundation, with every student receiving a Red Wings folder,

More than 7,000 students’ classrooms grow brighter as DPS adds high quality, energy-efficient LED lighting to 11 school buildings

District to enhance learning and realize hundreds of thousands in annual savings: 60% reduction in classroom lighting energy utilization and the elimination of maintenance cost. Detroit Public Schools is adding new, energy-efficient LED lighting to 11 school buildings, which will not only provide a cost-savings to the district but will enhance the educational environment for more than 7,000 students by making classrooms brighter. “The key benefit to the project is improvement in our classrooms, where teachers and students will spend their academic day in brighter settings that are more conducive to learning and academic achievement,” said DPS Emergency Manager Jack Martin. “The LED technology also utilizes approximately 60% less electricity, lasts more than twice as long as our previous lighting

Brewer Academy passes the “School of the Year” torch to Harms Elementary School!

Brewer Academy, voted the 2013-2014 “School of the Year,” passed the prestigious torch to Harms Elementary School on Thursday, November 20. Brewer Academy Principal Cecily Wilson accepted a commemorative School of the Year trophy, presented by Superintendent of Academics Karen Ridgeway, as a keep sake to the school. As the newly selected 2014-2015 “School of the Year” Harms Elementary School is now the home of the district’s official School of the Year trophy, which was also presented by Ridgeway on Nov. 20 to Principal Mauro Cruz. Relive the full Harms School of the Week feature story: http://detroitk12.org/content/2014/06/09/school-of-the-week-harms-elementary/ View all of our awesome School of the Week features at detroitk12.org/schooloftheweek. If you’d like to nominate a school for the 2014–2015 school year,


This year, the SEEK (Summer Engineering Experience for Kids) Camp was held at the beautiful Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School. During the free three-week camp, 50 very dedicated collegiate engineering and/or mathematics students from various colleges and universities across the nation served as mentors and provided daily instruction to over 300 third through fifth grade students. The students learned basic and advanced engineering concepts and techniques by participating in real-world, rigorous lessons that they could relate to. The SEEK Program utilizes a project-based, hands-on design curriculum developed by SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) and supported by A World in Motion (AWIM). The SEEK Camp is an engaging and exciting introduction to the many areas of engineering for Detroit Public Schools students.

Thousands of DPS pre-kindergarten students head to class for the first day of school Sept. 22

Approximately 3,000 Detroit Public Schools pre-kindergarten students head to school for the first time on September 22, 2014 as part of DPS’ commitment to expand free high-quality pre-kindergarten. Schools have planned special events to welcome families. About DPS Early Childhood Detroit Public Schools’ pre-kindergarten classroom curriculum is aligned with the National Early Childhood Standards and Michigan State Board of Education Early Childhood Standards of Quality. To ensure fidelity to the standards, the early childhood programs are monitored through an inclusive and collaborative approach. The building principal, central staff and program supervisors monitor teaching and learning through the pre-kindergarten classroom visitation system, teacher evaluation, student assessments Child Observation Record (COR), and through a formalized process, the Program Quality Assessment (PQA). The