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A special announcement for Emerson Elementary-Middle School

Dear Parents and Guardians, We need to inform you that we have discovered German roaches in the cafeteria. As a result, we are closing the kitchen to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and all signs of pests are eradicated. We will be using a chemical treatment applied by Eradico Services, a licensed pest control contract that is approved to be used in our schools. This product has been approved as safe to be used in a school environment. In the meantime, breakfast and lunch will be delivered to the school for your children. In an effort to eradicate the pests, the treatment for roaches will occur on Thursday, May 3rd after school is dismissed. As a result, all after-school activities

5th Annual SAE International Motorized Toy Car Competition

Detroit Public Schools’ students participated in the 5th Annual SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) International Motorized Toy Car Competition April, 12-13 at Cobo Center. SAE International 2016 JetToy Competition Results April 12: 15° Ramp Competition: 1st place: Team 24, Bates Academy 3rd place: Team 19, Munger Elementary-Middle School 30° Ramp Competition: 3rd place: Team 31, Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School Speed: 1st place: Team 24, Bates Academy 3rd place: Team 21, Munger Elementary-Middle School SAE International 2016 JetToy Competition Results April 13: Distance competition: 3rd place: Team 105, Munger Elementary-Middle School Distance with weight: 3rd place: Team 64, Emerson Elementary-Middle School Accuracy: 2nd place: Team 105, Munger Elementary-Middle School 3rd place: Team 104, Munger Elementary-Middle School Participating DPS teams included: JetToy Competition  A.L.

DPS Sweeps The National Recycle Bowl Competition For The Third Year In A Row!

For the third straight year, DPS schools took the majority of the top spots in Michigan in the national Recycle Bowl Competition – securing 28 of the top 30 spots! Priest Elementary-Middle School won for most improved school in the nation! They will be receiving an award of $1,500 to go towards recycling materials for their schools. Emerson Elementary-Middle School won for the State of Michigan by recycling the most pounds of recycling per student during the contest period. The National Recycle Bowl competition is sponsored by Keep America Beautiful. The annual competition challenges schools to recycle the most material per person during the contest period. The goal is to invigorate schools to increase their recycling rates and enjoy a friendly

Fuel Cell Competition Awards 

Congratulations to the DPS students who participated in the 2015 “A World in Motion” Competition on Thursday, April 23 at Cobo Center. 2015 Fuel Cell Competition category award winners include: Third Place: Gompers Elementary-Middle School, Accuracy Third Place: Gompers Elementary-Middle School, Endurance Third Place: Clippert Academy, Speed Second Place: Emerson Elementary-Middle School, Accuracy Second Place: Munger Elementary-Middle School, Speed Grand Champion: Emerson Elementary-Middle School

School of the Week: Emerson Elementary-Middle School

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.“ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson A strong academic program with just the right mixture of technology and art are the perfect ingredients to produce an award-winning curriculum, according to Emerson Elementary-Middle School Principal Brenda Carethers. Emerson Elementary-Middle School, a two-building facility housing grades Pre-K-8, was named after Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, philosopher, poet and supporter of abolitionism. When Carethers took the role as principal in 2009, she put the school into a reconstruction phase with more than 75 percent new staff members. As part of the reconstruction period, Carethers implemented a three-year academic plan with a new focus on integrated learning in areas including science, technology and art. Known for its unique,

Torii & Katrina Hunter Launch Innovative Program to Benefit Detroit Public Schools Students

Tigers star provides proven character-building program to students Heart of a Champion, a program designed to elevate the lives of 7,500 students in 39 Detroit Public Schools launched Sept. 23 at Fisher Magnet Upper Academy with a high-energy kick-off event including Katrina Hunter, wife of the Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter, school district officials and city dignitaries. Through their charitable effort, The Torii Hunter Project, the Detroit Tigers All-Star outfielder and his wife are funding the program for the school district. Heart of a Champion is a character-building program that is proven to reduce dropout rates and increase student performance and graduation rates among students in 26 states. “We are excited to bring a program to Detroit that has been proven

Bosch Supports STEM Education with $35,000 in grants to Detroit Public Schools

Bosch Energy, Science and Technology (BEST) program funds 25 classroom projects By 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be an estimated 274,000 jobs related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in Michigan. The concern that Bosch and others have is: Will the next-generation workforce be ready to move into these jobs? To demonstrate its commitment to helping prepare students for these jobs, the Bosch Community Fund (BCF) recently announced $35,000 in grants to Detroit Public Schools. These grants include awards to 26 Detroit Public Schools teachers, representing 25 projects, as part of its Bosch Energy, Science and Technology (BEST) grant program. These grants will support teachers who have developed an innovative curriculum that promotes STEM

DPS students shine like stars at the SAE World Congress 3-Day

DPS students were amongst many of the winners at the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) World Congress 3-Day A World In Motion International Fuel Cell Competition held April 16-18 at Cobo Center. The Motorized Toy Cars Competition was held Monday, April 16, where students from Burton International Academy competed against students from many private schools. The female team was recognized for its perseverance by one of SAE’s track judges. Their determination paid off, winning two third-place bronze medals for the Obstacle Course and Speed events. The Jet Toy Competition was held Tuesday, April 17, and DPS students enjoyed the great opportunity of competing and meeting other students from schools around the Detroit Metropolitan area. On Wednesday, April 18, the sun shined brightly on DPS students during the Fuel

NAIAS Education Day Brings Youth, Auto Industry Together

More than 200 Detroit Public Schools pre-kindergarten students who participate in activities supported by the PNC Foundation “Grow Up Great” program attended the North American International Auto Show Education Day on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at Cobo Center. With the rapidly growing use of wireless technology, smart phones and the Internet, today’s youth are more connected and tech-savvy than ever. The North American International Auto Show focused on the various automotive-related technologies for students at all levels at its annual Education Day event. Now in its eighth year, NAIAS Education Day is a back-to-basics hands-on experience designed to attract students to the vibrancy of today’s automotive industry. NAIAS provides an in-depth auto show experience where students can view approximately 500 new vehicles on

Emerson Elementary-Middle School Successfully Defends Title in Third Annual Phone Book Recycling Program

Defending Champion Collects Top Prize of $500 Collecting 3.21 tons of outdated phone directories, or nearly three times more than their nearest competitor, Emerson Elementary-Middle School took top honors in the third annual AT&T Project ReDirectory phone book recycling campaign. The program is a combined effort of Detroit Public Schools, Recycle Here!, Green Living Science, and AT&T. Nine schools participated in the challenge this year collecting a total of 6,381 books, or 9.9 tons exceeding last year’s totals of 5,400 outdated directories, or 9.82 tons. Students from eight Detroit Public Schools attended earth day at the GM Wintergarden in the Renaissance Center Friday, April 20, 2012 from 9:30 to noon. Activities included a walk through the GM showroom highlighting the