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School of the Week: Emerson Elementary-Middle School

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.“ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson A strong academic program with just the right mixture of technology and art are the perfect ingredients to produce an award-winning curriculum, according to Emerson Elementary-Middle School Principal Brenda Carethers. Emerson Elementary-Middle School, a two-building facility housing grades Pre-K-8, was named after Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, philosopher, poet and supporter of abolitionism. When Carethers took the role as principal in 2009, she put the school into a reconstruction phase with more than 75 percent new staff members. As part of the reconstruction period, Carethers implemented a three-year academic plan with a new focus on integrated learning in areas including science, technology and art. Known for its unique,

School of the Week: Dossin Elementary-Middle School

When Makayla Beckham walks down the hallway of Dossin Elementary-Middle School, you immediately notice her wide smile, adorable pigtails secured with white barrettes to match the white t-shirt peeking from underneath her crisp, blue collared uniform blouse, and a sense of confidence in the way she struts down the hall, fists closed, arms swaying side-to-side. Then she opens her mouth to greet you – carefully pronouncing every single word and double checking to ensure she has your name right – and her sharpness is confirmed. She quickly begins to gush about her favorite teacher, Ms. Jenkins, her favorite subjects – math and science – and her aspiration to travel to Africa. “I like math, I love to count. I really

School of the Week: Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men

Customize, Care and Challenge all a part of the Young Men of Frederick Douglass Academy “Winning With a Tie!” The 23 graduates of the Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men, pictured in the lobby of the school with red and blue bow ties and blue blazers, completed the program with both a love of learning, and a love of discipline. Both are necessary ingredients in an educational environment focused on successful young men. That focus is made clearer and sharper when one major distraction is removed from the school setting: young women. “They simply don’t have to show out all the time for the girls,” notes third year Principal Berry Greer during an hour-long conversation throughout the school last Thursday.

School of the Week: Spain Elementary-Middle School

Early in 2014, the non-profit Aspen Institute and Detroit Symphony Orchestra were looking for a performing arts-focused Detroit school to hold an Arts Strike, which is defined as an event in which celebrated artists engage educators and students, and other to share the unique power of the arts to empower, enrich and educate. The choice was obvious: Spain Elementary-Middle School, which has worked closely with the Symphony, is near Orchestra Hall and has been offering students a comprehensive performing arts curriculum combined with top-notch academics for more than 40 years. The Arts Strike on April 4, 2014 brought legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma and former New York City Ballet Principal Dancer and Director of the Aspen Institute Arts Program Damian Woetzel

School of the Week: Bates Academy

Bates Academy 8th grader Amanath Khandaker is pondering the options of what career he wants to pursue when he grows up. Possibly a computer software engineer. Or a photographer. Or maybe a published author. It would not be surprising if he pursued all three….and succeeded. Khandaker, who carries a 4.0 and is involved in Academic Games, the school journalism program, yearbook, computer courses and more, is the epitome of what Dr. Cleo Moody, principal of Bates Academy in Northwest Detroit, considers to be a well-rounded student and a future leader. “We’ve had a history of attracting the best and brightest students of the city,” Dr. Moody said. “We’ve had former students who are doctors, lawyers and educators. It just goes

School of the Year: Congratulations Harms Elementary School on being selected as the BEST School of the Week feature from the 2013-2014 School Year!

Harms Elementary School has been voted as School of the Year! A total of 11,732 people voted, and Harms won in a landslide with 4,810 votes. A special presentation will be made to the principal, students and staff members of Harms Elementary School at the beginning of the 2014–2015 School Year. THANK YOU for your vote, and join us in congratulating Harms Elementary School. Relive the full Harms School of the Week feature story » View all of our awesome School of the Week features at If you’d like to nominate a school for the 2014–2015 school year, email the Office of Communications at

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School of the Week: Harms Elementary

…Lying on tummies, sharing big picture books in small groups on a colorful rug in the kindergarten classroom. …Whispering quietly, hovering over an assigned book with a tutor at a table in the hallway on the second floor. …Sitting with a friend, sharing a chapter book under the blue sky during recess. Everywhere you turn at Harms Elementary, children are reading, reading, reading. “Reading is the gateway to all other academic subjects,” said Mauro Cruz, principal of the Southwest Detroit School, which is recognized by Excellent Schools Detroit as one of the top elementary schools in the City. Indeed, Harms students are on a path to read 30,000 books, collectively, by year’s end – once again – for the school’s annual reading

School of the Week: Cooke Elementary School

Approximately 404 geniuses walk the halls of Cooke Elementary School daily. If anyone disagrees, they’ll have to take it up with Principal Philip Van Hooks, who not only refers to each of his students as prodigies, but also said it is his “personal responsibility to harness their genius and put them on a positive path not only for their personal benefit, but for the benefit of our city.” Housed in a beautiful brick structure that dates back to the 1920s, Cooke Elementary School is located in the prominent North Rosedale Park community and attracts students from outside of the school’s boundaries. Cooke’s rigorous academic curriculum encompasses differentiated instruction at all grade levels, research projects for even the school’s earliest learners, and

School of the Week: Bow Elementary-Middle School

Dedicated staff, endless parent involvement and a multitude of unique programs It’s not often that students receive their first science lesson immediately when arriving to school, but at Warren E. Bow Elementary-Middle School, the young learners are greeted daily by their indoor Koi Pond. Filled with eye catching orange and white fish, attractive plant life and assorted rocks, the pond can often become a quick mini-science lesson any day of the week! The Koi Pond is just one of the various learning methods teachers utilize on a day-to-day basis at Bow. Teacher Laura Franklin is known for keeping students on their toes when it comes to subjects such as science. Eighth-grader Delvin Braizer says Franklin creates “science raps” to fun music to make the