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DPS authorizes two new schools for fall 2014

Detroit Public Schools has added two schools to its charter school portfolio for 2014, bringing the total number of authorized academies to 14. Escuela Avancemos! Academy, which offers a bilingual education to children in grades K-5, opened as a DPS-authorized charter school on September 2. Pathways Academy, which serves pregnant and parenting teens in grades 7-12, will open in Mid-September. Pathways Academy, which serves both girls and boys, is located at 11340 E. Jefferson. It will offer on-site child care for students’ children ages 0-4 through a partnership with Matrix Human Services. The school is governed by a five-member board and will be managed by Innovative Educational Programs, based in Basking Ridge, N.J. Escuela Avancemos! is entering its third year, but

DPS authorizes fewer Priority schools, has 1 Reward school

Detroit Public Schools has fewer charter schools performing in the bottom 5 percent of Michigan schools, according to 2013 Top to Bottom ranking data released in August 2014 by the Michigan Department of Education. DPS has gone from having 6 schools in the bottom five percent of Michigan schools in 2013 to 2 schools in 2014. Both schools that remain in the bottom five percent, also called Priority Schools, improved their percentile ranking based on their performance on the 2013 MEAP. Detroit Public Schools authorizes 13 public school academies, seven of which were converted from traditional public schools to charter public schools. Five schools were converted in the 2011-12 school year and two were converted in the 2012-13 school year.