New leader of Exceptional Student Education (ESE): Welcome Lohren Nzoma

The District is delighted to announce the recent hiring of Lohren Nzoma. The former assistant director of special education at Ann Arbor Public Schools, was originally recruited as director of gifted and talented for DPSCD in May and recently transitioned to senior executive director of Exceptional Student Education in July.

In her new role, Lohren will help teachers create programs for student with exceptionalities, which includes exceptional students and those with disabilities.

As the department formerly known as Special Education, transitions to ESE, Nzoma is particularly focused on the overarching goal: building capacity through best practices to improve student outcomes. She explains, “We have to give students every opportunity to be successful—engage in the curriculum, understand the curriculum the best they can. Increase the opportunities, enhance the opportunities and make sure they have the opportunities.”

In describing her passion, she notes that while she’ll always be an educator, she’s also a learner. “I relish in the fact that everybody has something to teach you and students with exceptionalities, are no different,” she says. “It’s what you put into them and how you approach them. We get to cultivate what their life experiences look like which ultimately shapes the type of folks they are and how they become contributing members of society. That’s up to us and I have nothing but passion about that.”

Welcome to the DPSCD family, Lohren and thank you for committing to embracing the rise of all of our students inclusive of all of their gifts, talents and abilities.

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