Green Apple Day of Service Mini Grants Awarded to 15 Detroit Public School Community District Schools

Green Apple Day of Service is an international movement of students, teachers, volunteers and community partners that transform our schools into safe, healthy and sustainable learning environments, recognizing the important role that schools play in educating the next generation of global leaders.

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools and the Detroit Public Schools Community District’s Go Green Challenge are excited to announce the following projects that have been awarded a $200 Green Apple Day of Service Mini Grant for the spring of 2018. The grant funding will be delivered through Donors Choose, an online fundraising platform that will allow for the purchase of materials for Green Apple Day of Service Projects.

For further information, please contact Anna Balzer at (248) 228-7208 or


Academy of the Americas

Garden Day

Our proposed Green Apple Day of Service is working on the school garden. The day will consist of students, staff, and families working together to plant and work on the school garden.

Burton International Academy

School Garden

Our proposed Green Apple Day of service would consist of students and staff of Burton International working together, alongside family, to improving and planting within their school garden.

Chrysler Elementary School

Green Eating for Everyone

For our Green Apple Day of Service project, we will plant a school garden that includes vegetables that will be harvested for the students to eat.

Davison Elementary-Middle School

Keep Davison Beautiful

Our goal is to design and plant a butterfly garden that will not only beautify our school grounds but also will create an awareness of our environment and a substantially better understanding of our roles as ambassadors in preserving our natural habitats. This service grant will do wonders for the area around the school and the neighborhood as a whole.

Detroit Collegiate Preparatory Academy at Northwestern

DCP’s Greenhouse Facelift

Green Team students from Detroit Collegiate Prep at Northwestern High School are rejuvenating their greenhouse! Under the Go Green Challenge, students in grades 10-12 will be transforming the greenhouse into a productive, lively, and welcoming space where they can learn about sustainability, gardening, and food justice. The greenhouse was in use regularly as recently as a few years ago, but has fallen into a state of sporadic use and disarray. As members of the Green Team, students were eager to utilize the greenhouse again, and have made its comeback their focus for the year. By replanting gardening beds, harvesting seeds, organizing inventory and rebuilding floorboards, the Green Team will reinvent the gardening space. By exploring local resources in Detroit’s vibrant urban farming community, students will also take this service project beyond their school. Specific tasks in the Greenhouse Facelift project include a complete inventory, acquiring seeds, re-planting beds with consumable produce, creating informational posters, and a comprehensive clean-up. If funding is available, students hope to host an expert from a Detroit-based urban garden to give them additional perspectives on how to make their greenhouse project as beneficial as possible. For many students at DCP, gardening is a new experience. The current greenhouse space is full of potential, and they are excited to tap into it, and transform it into a clean, dynamic, and engaging space of their own. A focus of this project is to re-use as many items from the existing greenhouse as possible. Using existing garden beds, tanks, and tools, students will be mindful of any new purchases made, in order to reduce their environmental impact and embody the mission of their Green Team.

Detroit International Academy for Young Women

Cleaning up our Green House

Our green team would like to restore our school Green House so that we can enjoy fresh herbs and produce year-round! The first step is to clear out the clutter that is currently in the green house and complete an inventory and needs assessment to determine our next steps. For Green Apple Day of Service, we will bag up the trash and deep clean the interior of the Green House.

East English Village Preparatory Academy

EEVPA Bull Dog Beautification Project

We would like to beautify our campus inside and out. Our plan is to possibly decorate our halls and main entrance in order to motivate and educate the students about living “green friendly” and the importance of sustainability. We hope to tap in to the creativity of the students who we hope will have new and refreshing ideas on how to beautify our campus and how to educate our students and staff in a new and innovative way.

Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men

The Courtyard @ FDA: The Beginnings

The Courtyard @ FDA will be the beginning of a student-led, transformative project that will turn an under-utilized space into a space activation effort for engagement in community work. This will include, but is not limited to, planning, evaluation, collaboration, integration and teamwork with students, staff and community members! This will continue as we reach out into the community to extend our work and develop a sense of place.

Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School

Greenhouse Function

Our Green Apple Day of Service will allow students to work together in updating a greenhouse that was used for storage for decades. We would like to make this a working Greenhouse enabling us to grow plants and monitor their growth all year long, eventually making and producing flowers and plants that can be moved to our garden area. This greenhouse will provide wonderful opportunities for many students to engage in active learning and implementation of lessons on plants.

Harms Elementary School

 Improving Our School’s Garden!

Our Green Apple Day of Service project will be held this Spring. We have an outdoor garden space with raised beds that we want to improve and have the ability to put the garden beds away next winter. We want to organize an open service day to the school (students, staff, teachers, parents and friends) for a spring clean-up and hopefully organize weekly gardening days! The grant will help provide resources for this to happen. We are also hoping to beautify the space with bird feeders, benches, etc. that the grant will help fund! We are excited for the possibilities of improving the garden at Harms!

Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School at Howe

Green Angels Clean to Stay Green!

Our project at Hutchinson @ Howe will involve a student led team that focuses on cleaning up our garden center and preparing for spring planting. We want to focus on health and nutritional planning for our garden beds. The surrounding community and parents will come to participate in our “planting day” festivities this spring. We will need garden tools, soil, seeds, a durable garden hose, and wheelbarrow. We hope to brighten up a bleak area of our school, promote healthy eating choices, and plant a positive culture as well. The students are very excited about transforming our garden center into something aesthetically pleasing, and having an opportunity to grow and develop their abilities to perform.

Renaissance High School

Renaissance High School “Green Fair!”

Our proposed Green Apple Day of Service Project is a “Green Fair” that we will open up to students at Renaissance High School. Our proposed fair would take place at Renaissance High School and would aim to raise awareness concerning various environmental issues. We plan to create various booths that will each aim to inform students on unique topics and create informed dialogue. Topics may include, but are not limited to: chemtrails, wastewater, city sustainability, solar panels, planting/gardening, recycling, etc. The booths will be created by members of our Green Team. The fair will take place during school, during Seminar (1:25 pm – 3:00 pm) to garner the most participants. The fair will be located outside of the lunchroom near the football field. Students will be encouraged to participate through the offering of rewards and prizes such as mini planting kits (soil, seed packets, planting pots), earth squeeze balls, etc. There will also be various engaging activities as well. We will have activities like bobbing for apples and beanbag tossing. By running our “Green Fair” we hope to gain immense positive results. We hope that we can positively influence the student body of Renaissance High School and encourage them to be more environmentally conscious. In addition, we hope to show more students what the Green Team does and in turn influence more students to join Green Team.

Roberto Clemente Learning Academy

Creating an Indoor Hydroponic Garden

At Roberto Clemente, there is not an outdoor garden space or a place to put raised beds. An alternative we are discussing is creating an indoor garden space for students to start veggie transplants to take home to plant, as well as learn about plant propagating during the gardening and nutrition unit of the Go Green Challenge. This would provide an alternative way for students to get hands on experience with gardening and plant propagating at Roberto Clemente. We could also have a day where we show parents and community members how to start growing veggie transplants at home!

Sampson Webber Leadership Academy

Beautify Sampson

Instead of using card board bins we would like to purchase plastic recycling bins with lids, Our Green Apple Day of Service project will be to clean around the school both in and outside. The students are looking forward to beautifying their school both inside and outside.

West Side Academy for IT and Cyber Security

Expanding On Our School Garden and Creating a Community Space

We want to improve the garden at WSA as well as the southwest end of WSA. There are raised beds that are on the northwest end of the school that do not have any upkeep. The baseball and basketball court that are on the southwest end also don’t have any upkeep. Our project will focus on improving these areas, possibly building an outdoor seating area/classroom area between the two to encourage use, upkeep and provide a community space as well.


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