Calling all 8th graders: It’s time to enroll in a DPSCD Examination High School

We are seeking applications from all qualifying students enrolled in the 8th grade. Please follow the directions below. We wish you the best of luck!

To enroll in a Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) Examination High School for the 2018-2019 school year, current 8th grade students attending public or non-public schools must follow the placement exam application process. This process also applies to any students currently in grades 9 – 11 with a desire to enroll at a DPSCD Examination High School. All prospective students must submit a complete application packet, take and pass the placement exam before admission to:

  • Cass Technical High School
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School
  • Renaissance High School
  • Southeastern High School

Seven steps for submitting the Examination High School Application:

  1. Gather required documents
    • Examination High School Application
    • Transcript or current report card
    • Letter of reference
    • Student letter of interest
  2. Student identifies special Interests
  3. Student selects/ranks schools from 1 to 4
  4. Student chooses testing date, location and time
    • Non­DPSCD Students: choose testing location, date & time by application due date
    • Location does not indicate the preferred school nor guarantee admission
  5. Student submits completed application packet
    • Provide all required information, documentation and a valid email address
    • Non­DPSCD students: application due date aligns with requested testing date (see below)
    • By due date, application packet must be received by DPSCD Office of Assessment & Accountability
  6. DPSCD informs student of Assigned Exam Date via email
  7. Student takes the DPSCD High School Placement Exam


Examination High Schools

Cass Technical High School

2501 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201 | 313.263.2000

Application & exam required for all students interested in all programs

Established in 1907, Cass Technical High School is a nationally recognized school of excellence in midtown Detroit. Cass Tech is an International Baccalaureate World School which offers college prep pathways beginning in ninth grade and provides a broad range of academic, social and cultural experiences in a safe and healthy environment to succeed in society.

Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School

3200 E. Lafayette Street, Detroit, MI 48207 | 313.494.7373

Application & exam required for all students interested in – MSAT, CISC, CPLA

Located in Southeast Detroit, Martin Luther King Jr., Senior High School is a comprehensive high school offering college preparatory pathways to ensure lifelong learning after graduation. Students at King learn to grow within a well-rounded, project-based educational environment designed to meet their needs by providing three examination programs: MSAT (Math, Science and Applied Technology), CISC (Center for International Studies and Commerce) and CPLA (College Preparatory Liberal A).

Renaissance High School

6565 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, MI 48235 | 313.416.4600

Application & exam required for all students interested in all programs

Located in Northeast Detroit and founded in 1978, Renaissance High School offers a strong college prep curriculum preparing students for life beyond graduation. Recognized for its challenging academic standards. Renaissance is committed to non-traditional learning techniques through the use of technology and hands-on experience. The strong community presence provides students with vast opportunities in business, leadership, arts and more.

Southeastern High School

3030 Fairview Street, Detroit, MI 48214 | 313.866.4500

Application & exam required for all incoming 9th grade students

Founded in 1917, Southeastern High School offers a unique 9th Grade Small Learning Community focused on STEM, business and college prep. The personalized Learning Community environment features a small classroom size to meet the academic and social needs of 9th grade students. The program provides students the skills needed to attend college and enter high-paying career fields after graduation by utilizing state-of-the-art classrooms and technology labs.


Application & Assistance Information

The Examination High School Application can be submitted by mail, hand delivered, email or online via a web form.

Applications are available at:

  • DPSCD Office of Assessment & Accountability (OAA)
    • 1425 E. Warren Avenue, Support Services Complex, Building A Detroit, Michigan 48207
  • Detroit Public Library (all locations)
  • Examination High Schools
  • Download the Application or use the web form link to submit:

Visit the High School Examination Page for more information on DPSCD application schools.

Please advise if translation services and/or special accommodations are required regarding documentation, application submission and/or test administration.

Contact DPSCD by email at or call 313.576.0100.

7 Successful Steps to Submitting the Examination High School Application:


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