Cody MCH student defies odds, heading to college this fall

Congratulations to Cody Academy of Medicine & Community Health student Michael Brown! Michael was presented with The Detroit Rotary Club “Youth Citizen Service Awardee of the Year” award along with The Detroit Rotary Foundation Scholarship of $3,000.

Michael has overcome many obstacles over the past few years including escaping an abusive home to live in a homeless shelter. Although the shelter was a temporary fix by Child Protective Services, he decided to stay to help and care for new residents. He assists others in the shelter by cooking, cleaning and helping children with homework. During weekends, holidays and school vacations, when most children are busy with their friends, Michael volunteers his time with Life Remodeled to remodel and redesign the Cody neighborhood.

These hardships and set backs have made Michael who he is today. He is an inspiring leader and will go far with his desire to help others. Michael dreams of becoming a chef and own his own restaurant. He will attend Florida Memorial University in the Fall. Congratulations, Michael!

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