DPSCD Destination Imagination Winners will compete in Global Competition

We are pleased to announce the grand success of our Destination Imagination teams! For the first time ever, DPSCD has students who will attend the Destination Imagination Global Competition, later next month. This problem-solving competition is comprised of the brightest young minds from 48 states, Canada, and 20 countries with more than 17,000 participants!

Neinas, under the direction of Dyan Wardwell and a student from Cass, under the leadership of parent volunteer, Doris Strong, both qualified for the Global Competition. They competed against more than 200 teams, from across the state of Michigan to gain this honor.

Here’s how the teams finished:
Neinas Academy: 2nd Place, Improv Challenge EL [Global Finalist]
Unmasked (including student from Cass Tech): 2nd Place, Project Outreach SL [Global Finalist]
Davison Middle: 7th Place, Scientific Challenge ML
Burton International: 10th Place, Fine Arts EL
Clippert Academy: 18th Place, Fine Arts ML
Schulze Academy: 11th Place, Improv ML
Schulze Academy: 13th Place, Improv ML
Schulze Academy: 7th Place, Engineering ML
Destination Imagination is sponsored by the Office of Science Education, under the leadership of Deborah Peek-Brown. This program offers students the opportunity to solve rigorous, open-ended, academic challenges. Teams work to find solutions to one of seven challenges, which support student achievement through team-building, problem-solving, critical thinking, grit, patience, ethics, and mutual respect.
We applaud the hard work of all who participated in the Destination Imagination Competitions:
Burton International- D. Hoskins, Teacher
Carver STEM- M. Nance, Teacher
Clippert- T. Ortiz, Teacher
Davison- G. Johnson, Teacher
Golightly- F. Legemah, Teacher
Maybury- A. Engel (Detroit Coordinator), I. Felciano, M. Bsharah, A. Stokes, A. Taylor, H. Mulawa, Teachers
Schulze- A. Richmond, Teacher

The Office of Science Education would like to thank all students, parents, teachers, and administrators that supported Destination Imagination during our second year of implementation. We also wish the best for those participating in the Global Competition!!! Go team DPSCD!!!

  • Written by Stacie I. Smith
    Instructional Specialist
    Office of Science
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