DPSCD Collaborates with Vendors to Solve Transportation Issue

Buses Resume Regularly Scheduled Service on Monday

Detroit Public Schools Community District’s issue with Safeway Transportation has been resolved.  Regularly scheduled transportation services will resume on Monday, April 10, due to an arrangement between the district, ABC Student Transportation and Safeway.

Starting on April 10, ABC will assume Safeway’s contract with DPSCD, including all 67 bus routes. ABC will utilize district approved, Wayne RESA certified Safeway drivers and fully licensed, state approved vehicles to provide transportation services.

On Monday, April 3, towards the close of the business day, the district discovered that its longtime provider, Safeway, had been operating buses without insurance since March 2, and had failed to notify the district. Even though the buses were covered through the district’s secondary vehicle insurance as a matter of policy, it is still the responsibility of transportation providers to maintain primary insurance.

District leadership immediately began collaborations with its other three transportation providers, ABC, Trinity and DHT, to cover the 67 affected routes for the week.  A feat made possible only because neighboring districts were on break, allowing providers the capacity to absorb the additional routes.

However, with school districts returning from break on Monday, DPSCD had to develop a permanent solution for transporting students to school for the remainder of the year. The district explored several options, including covering insurance premiums for Safeway and seeking the assistance of other transportation providers in the region. In the end, it was a contract negotiated between ABC’s President Charlie Grant and Safeway that allowed for the current arrangement.

“We are so grateful to ABC for stepping up to help us resolve this issue. Because of their commitment to this district and our children, student instruction will not be impacted,” said DPSCD Interim Superintendent Alycia Meriweather. “I also want to thank our leadership team and our transportation providers for the extra time and attention given this week to ensure students were able to be transported to and from school each day.”

The impacted routes affected 2,700 students and 29 DPSCD schools.

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