DPSCD’s response to Governor Snyder’s SRO press release

Governor Snyder issued a press release Thursday, February 23 addressing the school closure recommendations by the State School Reform/Redesign Office. Please read the following press release: Gov. Snyder says more time and work needed to resolve questions on school closures or restructuring

In response to this press release, Interim Superintendent Alycia Meriweather issued the following statement to the media.

“We appreciate Governor Snyder’s willingness to explore non-closure solutions in partnership with the SSRO and MDE. Our stance remains that closing school buildings under these circumstances will create unnecessary hardships for our families.  However, we are committed to addressing struggling programs in schools.  The conversation in our city needs to shift to improving failing schools and promoting innovative solutions that support excellence in every single school in every neighborhood.

As a district with a new start, we should be provided the opportunity to take on this responsibility.”

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