Ben Carson Sophomores Launch Skilled Communicators 2016 Project

Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine 10th grade students celebrated the kicked off of their Skilled Communicators 2016 Project on September 13. For this interdisciplinary project, the essential question students explored was “What causes some individuals to prevail while others fail when facing challenges?

Students will be creating a public service announcement to educate the community about a health condition as they explore answers to the essential question in each of their classes.  They will analyze data, study the role of government in addressing health conditions, read and reflect on articles, study body systems, write a report, and then create a video or narrated Powerpoint Presentation for the public service announcement.

The kickoff began with a Ted Talk by Angel Lee Duckworth titled, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.  Then Ms. Waite, BCHS 10th grade English teacher, introduced the project and theme. Afterwards, students participated in break out sessions which included team building activities, sample public service announcements, introduction to Genius Hour, brainstorm session of their own challenges, and a round table discussion with Phil Black, founder of The Manhood Project and mentor. He spoke about challenges he encountered in his life and how he overcame them

The kickoff closed with a closing summary, Q & A, and refreshments.

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