Community Members Selected Marketing Names for the new District: Phase II will Launch Aug. 15

Detroit Public Schools Community District Continues Naming Campaign

WHO: On July 1, 2016 the new Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) was born.

The new name, Detroit Public Schools Community District is the legal name that is used for legal documents and conducting all business transactions. However, DPSCD is not the marketing name. For example, Detroit Public Schools was the marketing name for our former legal name, The School District of the City of Detroit. It still exists. However, due to the education reform bill that passed in June, DPS holds all of the past debt and it doesn’t have any students.

WHAT: It is very important that employees, parents, students and the community have an opportunity to name our new District. In phase I, we invited everyone to submit a proposed name for the new marketing name for our new District.

The names submitted are:

  • Community of Detroit Schools
  • Detroit City Schools
  • Detroit Community District
  • Detroit Metropolitan School District
  • Detroit Public Community District
  • Detroit Public Schools
  • Detroit Public Schools of Excellence
  • New Detroit Public School District
  • The New Detroit Public Schools

WHERE: Vote on the names above to determine the new District’s marketing name by clicking

WHEN: Phase II voting begins on Monday, Aug. 15 – Sunday, Aug. 21 at midnight.

WHY: “When I was appointed as the Transition Manager for the new Detroit Public Schools Community District I set two goals. The primary goal is to provide the kids in Detroit with the best possible education they deserve. And Interim Superintendent Alycia Meriweather is diligently working on an Academic Plan that will provide the best for our students. The secondary goal is to return control over the school system to the people of Detroit. We are doing that,” said Judge Steven Rhodes, Transition Manager.

“Our cabinet agreed that DPSCD and its students deserve a fresh start. Because we are committed to democracy and we want the community to have a voice in decisions moving forward, this naming contest is an appropriate process.

“As a new District, our students deserve a fresh start. DPS still exists, it has debt and it doesn’t have any schools. This new district is debt free and is emerging with virtually no past debt obligations. We are on the correct path to achieving our goals and providing the City of Detroit with a public school system that is thriving and educating Detroit’s future leaders.”

The Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) is the new public school district for the Detroit community. It was created through the Michigan Legislature’s passage of the education reform bills in June 2016. DPSCD has replaced the former Detroit Public Schools. It will maintain all 97 schools, as well as with its necessary support services, including transportation, school nutrition, special education, early childhood learning and much more. In addition, DPSCD will emerge with new and innovative academic programs and support, along with facility improvements and enhanced security. Most significantly, DPSCD emerges with virtually no past debt obligations.

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