U.S. Veterans and Volunteers at Priest

A group of U. S. Veterans and volunteers called The Mission Continues spent June 28-29 at Priest Elementary-Middle School to enhance the campus. Ms. Valdez Tilton made the connection for school and community and the projects will include the following:

  • Installing sod, new goal posts, picnic benches and tables for the soccer field (Kirkwood Lumley corner of the campus)
  • Installing picnic tables and benches on the Casper St. side of the campus
  • Resurfacing the Casper St. area to include hopscotch and four square games
  • Adding new mulch to the play scape
  • Installing “sun sails” by the picnic tables and benches near the soccer field
  • Adding a kick ball field on the Kirkwood Casper corner of the campus
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