Carstens receives Gold Award by Governor Snyder and the Michigan Fitness Council

For the second consecutive year, Carstens Academy of Aquatic Science at Remus has won the Gold Award for its persistence in cultivating and promoting student fitness, nutrition and wellness. The Academy was honored by Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Fitness Council on Thursday, May 19 at the State Capitol Building.

Principal Donna Thornton attended the prestigious award ceremony which was attended by both local as well as state leaders, including Alberta Tinsley-Talabi, Senator Coleman Young, Representative Fred Durhal and a host of other dignitaries who have joined the mission to promote healthy lifestyles among young children as well as their families. Other partnerships in attendance included Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State University and Fitness Alliance.

Carstens is the only Detroit Public School to receive the Gold Award in the City of Detroit, more impressive, for the second consecutive year!

“Our mission is to practice what we preach to our students and to provide healthy snack and celebrations (birthday parties, class parties) items for them, in place of the traditional high caloric and sugary items that can lead to obesity as well as other growing health problems that seem to plague our youngsters,” said Abby Phelps.

Staff members have also joined the gold standard by opting to consume healthier items during breakfast, lunch and snack time. Periodical indulges involve a rotating fruit and/or vegetable bar where nutritious items can be exchanged freely. Others who have partnered with Carstens include Gleaners Food Bank who provide the school with healthy fruits, grains and vegetable twice a month through the Mobile Pantry Program. Gleaners also provides Carstens with healthy snacks once a month so that teachers have good wholesome snacks to give to students as incentives.

The Fresh Fruits and Veggie Program is also an aid to the school’s mission of healthy eating on a daily basis.

Additionally, Carstens created the “SEASEN for Change” program which stands for Stop Everything And Start Exercising Now. This unique program devotes the last 30 minutes of the school day to students working out in the classroom to alleviate stress and tension before dismissal in order to combat physical aggression and confrontations.  This regimen has also been effective for staff as well!

Carstens continues to promote wellness throughout the community through its parent workshops and programs such as Cooking Matters (Gleaners/Hunger Action Coalition) so that these healthy practices will be a constant within every child’s household and a general part of their family’s every day life.

Submitted by: Abby Phelps, Carstens Academy of Aquatic Science at Remus

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