Neinas students learn about lemurs and receive a Skype session from Madagascar!

Students at Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy were excited to learn exciting facts about lemurs from Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn Francine Dolins, on Wednesday, April 20. The students were excited to learn more interesting fun facts about lemurs!

Students also enjoyed a Skype session with one of Ms. Dolins’ colleagues in Madagascar! The students were able to ask questions and were extremely engaged during the Skype session. After Skype, the students were broken into four stations to learn more about the lemur’s adaptations (use of thumbs, jumping ability, camouflage and sense of smell). 

The conversation was rich between the students inferring and making cross curricular connections, it was a great day to be an educator! A warm thank you to all of the people involved with this project and a special shout out to Francine Dolins, Stacie Smith, Tim Tsiang and Interim Superintendent Alycia Merriweather!

Submitted by: Amy Lazarowicz Teacher at Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy

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