Schulze Greenhouse Project

Jane Sucaet, a Science Teacher at Schulze Academy for Technology and Arts, recently was awarded a $2000 grant through Lowe’s Toolbox for Education. This grant was written specifically to include a greenhouse on the campus of Schulze Academy. For two years Sucaet has focused a great deal on the Landscape at Schulze, making many areas of underutilized space into usable green spaces that include a walking trail with benches and perennials.

On Friday, April 8 Schulze Academy welcomes guests to witness the Greenhouse Project and its growth at the school thus far.

The Greenhouse Project has been carefully designed and planned by a young Eagle Scout candidate named Nathan Bryson. The build begins with a 12 inch brick patio that the greenhouse will rest on. In addition, Bryson will earn his Eagle Scout Recognition through his design.

Last year Schulze students and staff created a garden for the students to get their first experience with Urban Gardening. During the Summer School Program, the Academy harvested the crops three times and shared the bounty with all of the students and staff.

This year, the school will add an outdoor classroom made possible from another grant from Bosch. The Greenhouse will allow the students to experience plant/vegetable growth well before the ground in the garden is frost-free for planting.


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