The Michigan Opera Theatre Performs for DPS High School Students

Students given the opportunity to explore careers in theater and work on upcoming performances

The Michigan Opera Theatre Department of Education and Community Programs presented La Pizza Con Funghi, Seymour Barab’s one-act comedic opera to students at the Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody on Tuesday, February 9.

La Pizza Con Funghi centers on Voluptua, who is in love with Scorpio. In order to be free to marry him she plans to poison her husband, Count Fromaggio. Her maid, Phobia, warns the count of his wife’s duplicity. For this show of loyalty she must lose her life but, then again, so must everyone else. This opera, sung in English, is tried and true in high school and adult communities and is sure to keep audiences laughing.

“We’re hoping to show something new to the students at DIT,” said Andrea Scobie, Manager of Education and Community Programs, MOT. “This performance is hilarious and engaging, and we know that students will come away as new fans of opera. We also want to show them that the performing arts is a viable career path- between performing, set and costume design, directing, and stage managing, there are many different ways to make a living in the arts.”

MOT staff plans to follow up this performance with monthly meetings dedicated to teaching DIT students more about opera and helping them to find operas and composers that speak to their interests and experiences. They also want to work with DIT staff to allow students to attend dress rehearsals of upcoming performances of Macbeth and The Magic Flute at the Detroit Opera House. Scobie said, “We hope that this is just the beginning of a long relationship!”

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