Danialle Karmanos’ Work It Out bringing wellness and nutrition programming to Detroit schools

Work It Out celebrates 10 years of its research verified, yoga-based curriculum with an opportunity to witness a class in action

1In celebration of its 10th anniversary and longstanding relationship with Detroit Public Schools, Danialle Karmanos’ Work It Out (DKWIO) showcased one of its classes on Tuesday, November 17 at Charles Wright Academy of Arts and Science.

Work It Out, established in 2005, seeks to combat childhood obesity through the use of yoga and nutrition education. Students in elementary schools learn what it takes to keep their bodies healthy and happy.

This partnership was established by DKWIO Chief Executive Officer Tom Anderson and Executive Director Trish Dewald, both of whom were recently appointed to their Work It Out leadership roles. Detroit Public Schools’ Academic and Community Schools’ leaderships worked closely with Work It Out to identify schools with the highest need for the program.

By the end of 2015, Work It Out will have provided programming to nearly 5,000 students in Southeast Michigan. Each class session includes warm-up and breathing instruction, basic nutritional education and yoga. At the conclusion of the program, students receive their own yoga mat and a workbook that includes the learned poses as well as healthy recipes and tips for eating well on a budget. Students leave the program with an increased sense of confidence and accomplishment that is reinforced when they receive their completion certificate.

5“Work It Out is a program that brings tremendous value to both the students and the faculty,” shared Patty Stahl, PE Teacher at Wright Academy. “When the kids come back to class after their yoga practice, they have not only learned valuable skills about what to eat and how to exercise, but they are also focused and prepared to learn.”

The DPS partner schools include Bagley Elementary, Ronald Brown Academy, Mark Twain School for Scholars, Maybury Elementary, Neinas Dual Learning Academy, Vernor Elementary and Charles Wright Academy of Arts and Science.

“Healthy bodies help create healthy minds,” said Kimberly Davis, principal of Wright Academy. “We are so thankful to Work It Out for their partnership and hope others will follow their example in bringing unique programming like this to all Detroit Public Schools.”

Work It Out is growing and looking to reach as many children as possible with this program. To learn about how to support Work It Out, visit www.dkwio.org or contact Trish Dewald, at trish.dewald@dkwio.org.



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