MDE: DPS provides effective charter school oversight

Detroit Public Schools is performing effective oversight of its charter schools according to the Michigan Department of Education, which conducted a detailed review of the district’s authorizing procedures.

Under the MDE’s Assurances and Verification Review, DPS charter school oversight was rated Complete, Clear and Consistent in all 16 categories measured. The district also demonstrated improvement in 15 of the 16 categories reviewed since its last Assurances and Verification review in 2012.

The review reflects improvements in DPS authorizing over the last three years.

“We have overhauled our authorizing practices, putting in place more stringent academic targets, improved compliance oversight and additional support for authorized schools and governing boards,” said Kisha Verdusco, Director of Charter Schools. “The goal is to build a higher-performing portfolio of schools by demanding more from management, school leaders and the boards that govern them.”

The MDE conducts Assurances and Verification Reviews of Michigan authorizers every three years. The areas of review included: Issuing charters, academic oversight, ensuring timely document submission, managing revocations and renewals, conducting oversight or supervisory visits, financial oversight and board governance oversight.

Detroit Public Schools authorizes 14 charter schools in the city of Detroit. The district’s mission as an authorizer is to support, develop and hold accountable high-performing charter schools that prepare Detroit children for college and careers.

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