DPS Special Education Teachers to earn graduate credit hours in Mathematics, thanks to the Wayne State University-Grant initiative

DPS Special Education Teachers have the opportunity to earn graduate credit hours in Mathematics, thanks to the Wayne State University-Grant Initiative.

The grant, titled Collaborative Opportunities for Reaching Excellence or CORE, is a partnership between Wayne State University’s (WSU) College of Education, WSU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Detroit Public Schools.

For many years, staff from DPS, Wayne State University and the Michigan Department of Education have worked closely to recruit and prepare DPS teachers in understaffed content and special education program areas. The College was first awarded the TQ grant in 2007 to work with teachers in mathematics and science, and the partnership has been awarded a grant, in each subsequent year, to work with special education teachers who are teaching mathematics.

Approximately 25 teachers in each of these years were enrolled in a graduate course on Saturdays to deepen their knowledge in the content area of mathematics, enhancing their teaching effectiveness and allowing teacher participants to acquire Highly Qualified Status while advancing student achievement.

In addition to the graduate course work, paid for by the grant, the teachers were visited by instructional coaches in their classrooms and met monthly as learning communities. Each teacher completes a portfolio of their work and develops a case study on a target student that they choose to study over the course of the school year. In addition to documenting their own professional growth in mathematics, teachers report the learning growth of the target student.

Funded by the Title II Grant Program for Improving Teacher Quality, the grant is administered by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).


Myra Akpabio, Turning Point Academy

Raymond Brown Jr., Palmer Park Preparatory Academy

Maria Buison Sullivan, Breithaupt Career and Technical Center

Regina Dixon, Coleman A. Young Elementary

Madeline Everson, Jerry L. White Center

Carols Finley, Osborn Evergreen Academy

Carla Floyd, Detroit International Academy

Krista Hall, J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy

Kelly Harris, Marquette Elementary

Iris Hughey (Gordon),  Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody

Zakiya Jackson, Ralph J. Bunche Academy

Valerie Jarrett, Gompers Elementary-Middle School

Celeste Johnson, Detroit International Academy

Kristina Johnson, Dixon Academy

Aaron Johnston, Osborn Evergreen Academy

Roshanda Jones, Ronald Brown Academy

Dawn McFarlin, Osborn Math, Science, Technology Academy

Elizabeth Mickley, Turning Point Academy

Sherlda Milton, Palmer Park Preparatory Academy

Yulonda Mitchell, Gompers Elementary-Middle School

Ernestine Moore-Kenney, Gompers Elementary-Middle School

Judith Nance, Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody

Rungasami e Padayache, Gompers Elementary-Middle School

Lucille Shaw, Academy of the Americas

Reneth Stewart, Jerry L. White Center

Cynthia Taylor, Ronald Brown Academy

Lisa Thompson, Osborn Math Science and Technology Academy

Catrenia Walker, Jerry L. White Center

Waters Tranessa, Detroit Collegiate Preparatory Academy at Northwestern


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