DPS Renaissance High School principal takes a study tour of Germany

Renaissance High School Principal Anita Williams is touring Germany from June 21- July 4. For this cultural experience, she will visit the Goethe-Institute Washington for a study tour orientation before flying to Germany. The tour includes places such as: Esslingen, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Ravensbrϋck, Berlin, and Feldheim.

Managing Director of Transatlantic Outreach Program, Wood Powell, will be the group leader for the trip. In addition to living in Berlin during 1988-1991, he has led over 20 study tours. Powell has also spent time working in the private industry with Lufthansa German Airlines and Delta Airlines, working in their marketing and e-business departments. Another key person for this exciting trip is Mr. Volker Langeheine, a German native, who will also participate on the tour as a German subject-matter curriculum expert.


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