DPS Go Green Energy and Water Savings Challenge winners

Congratulations to the top Detroit Public Schools 2015 Go Green Challenge award winners for their participation in the Energy and Water Savings Challenge.

All 47 schools which earned a participation award in the Go Green Challenge:

  • Saved 4.25% on average when comparing this year’s three months of electricity use to the 2010-2013 baseline
  • Saved a total of $95,821 dollars over the challenge period in electricity costs, or $388,606 if that were extended to a full year of savings
  • Reduced gas usage by 4.0% compared to the baseline, which translates to savings of $21,528 during the challenge.
  • Saved 9,858 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day during the challenge

If you were one of the 8th graders who participated in the classroom energy audit lesson you found out that saving 9,858 kilowatt-hours per day means:

  • Saving 887,228 kWh over the challenge period
  • Specific to Detroit’s electricity mix, reducing the amount of coal burned by 598,879 pounds
  • Reducing the CO2 emissions from powering our schools by 1,681,297 pounds

With the water challenge lasting only one month, students explored stopping leaks and how this act led to big savings. The biggest water savings schools saved more than $2,700 over the one month challenge. These are real savings that have created both a healthier environment and a positive financial impact. Thank you to all the green teams who worked to save energy and water at our schools.

2015 Go Green Challenge Awards- Water

2015 Go Green Challenge Awards – Gas



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