“See It Believe It” Staff Recognition: Detroit Children’s Museum, Lead Educator Charles Merrell

Recognizing our awesome staff! 
Detroit Children’s Museum, Lead Educator: Charles Merrell
Nominated by: DPS Executive Director, Office of Science: Alycia Meriweather 

4. charles merrellIf you have had the opportunity to visit the Detroit Children’s Museum in the last two years, you have had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Charles Merrell. Mr. Merrell taught Science in DPS for over 20 years, and was well respected by his students, parents, colleagues, and administrators. He has a genuine love for Detroit, DPS students, and the museum. Mr. Merrell has brought an incredible energy, passion, and compassion to his work at the museum. On a daily basis, he ensures that the facility is operating at the highest standard for our students. He even checks on the building on his days off, just to be sure that everything is in good shape.

His vision for programming, building a strong educational team, and utilizing the museum and its artifacts to a greater extent have led to the highest usage rates we have seen in recent years. In fact, recently, we are at 10,000 more students served than last year at the same time! Due to Mr. Merrell’s interest in teaching the whole child, we added an arts-infused education component to programming this year, along with two additions to the teaching staff at the museum in order to better service our DPS students. Feedback is consistently positive and almost every week a complimentary email is sent regarding Mr. Merrell or the other staff at the Detroit Children’s Museum.

This is a recent quote from a parent visiting the Detroit Children’s Museum, “Mr. Merrell’s passion for all things science/education was wonderful and encouraging to the children.”

Additionally, DPS Family Saturdays were created because of Mr. Merrell and the DCM team wanting to provide even more opportunities for DPS families to benefit from the exclusive access that they have to the museum. To date, over 1,000 members of DPS families have benefitted from these free Saturday events. Mr. Merrell is prompt to respond to questions, concerns, and ideas and always returns an email or phone call with a pleasant attitude. Mr. Merrell is consistently looking for ways to improve, to be a better leader, and to service the students of DPS in the most excellent way. For all of these reasons, I nominate Charles Merrell as an exemplary model of customer service in Detroit Public Schools.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the children of the Detroit Public Schools alongside and with the collaboration of seven other fantastic educators,” said Merrell. “It is humbling to be recognized by the district. We do what we do however, as a team, and because of the children. Nothing is possible here without the great collaboration, permission, and work of Alycia Meriweather of the Office of Science.”

Charles Merrell, DPS thanks you for your dedication!

Submitted by: Alycia Meriweather

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