Cody High Documentary Premieres this month on DPTV 56

Cody High: A Life Remodeled Project

DPTVA plan to renovate one high school transforms into an effort to revamp an entire community. This movement for a progressive Detroit continues, as the documentary Cody High: A Life Remodeled Project airs on WTVS Detroit Public Television- Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 11 p.m.

Highlighting contributions of community volunteers from the 2014 project, this viewing is sure to inspire others to join in future undertakings, while showcasing a powerful and promising Detroit. Volunteers united for several weeks to revamp and revitalize the Cody Rouge community.

With vacant buildings and blight plaguing the area, Life Remodeled CEO Chris Lambert stepped in. Framed by Grace Films took the production lead, with Walter V. Marshall as director. Recognizable faces throughout the film include General Motors CEO, Mary Barra; Quicken Loans CEO, Bill Emerson; Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan; and Former Emergency Manager of Detroit Public Schools, Jack Martin.

With large crowds filling seats during the theater debuts this past fall and film fest appearances, this creative spectacle now makes its way into homes, offering another opportunity to view what some are calling an inspirational documentary with testimonies that bring tears.

By film fest showings increasing the popularity of this documentary, viewers from Texas, Florida and even South Dakota are raving about the good deeds being done to improve the Motor City. A South Dakota Screening Viewer says, “Small, grassroots movements are important in building a community.”

That rings true, and proof is on the screen. Nearly 10,000 volunteers remodeled 1 school and 25 homes, boarded up more than 250 homes, tore down burned-out houses and restored beauty to 303 blocks.

Framed by Grace Films captures the brave move to change and reshape the neighborhood around Cody High.Powerful accounts from students, residents and volunteers show Detroit is making a comeback due to large-scale initiatives such as the Life Remodeled project. The beautification process that is preserving landscapes, and the facelifts to classrooms, athletic fields and specialty labs are encouraging students and lessening violent crime.

Classified as a “feel good documentary”, Cody High is getting more than just local accolades. The message of collaborative, community urban renewal is being spread from coast to coast, grabbing the attention of film fest-goers from across the nation. With festival entries in Florida, New Jersey, Illinois and more, the nationwide impact allows many to see Detroit as a powerhouse during challenging economic times. A first place win at the 2015 International Christian Film Festival for Best Documentary, this project is receiving nods across the country, while standing out amongst other submissions from around the world.

Life Remodeled is a non-profit organization that exists to remodel lives-one neighborhood at a time.

Framed by Grace Films is a Detroit-bred trio with a desire to produce compelling visual pieces with life-changing themes. Their pro bono work for this project at Cody High shows their tenacity and sincere goal to assist in the transformation process in communities that will enhance the image of their hometown.

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