DPS students and staff to celebrate third annual Green Week with environmentally-friendly and sustainable projects, healthy foods

Last school year, DPS Go Green schools saved $403,027 in energy costs – earning those 42 schools $29,000 in incentive awards

As part of the third annual “Green Week” in Detroit Public Schools, students and staff throughout the district will be focusing on environmentally-friendly and sustainable activities, including energy and water conservation, recycling, healthy foods, gardening and more.

In addition, the Office of School Nutrition will offer special menu selections in cafeterias, highlighting the many colors of healthy foods found in the Rainbow Plate Challenge, during Green Week, to be held April 20-24.

In conjunction with the DPS Office of Energy and Sustainability and the Office of Science, schools also will continue their participation in Detroit Public Schools’ “Go Green” Challenge, which was established in 2012 as a call to action for all schools in the district to become more green and sustainable.  The DPS Go Green Challenge focuses on four areas of impact: energy and water conservation; recycling and resource management; gardening and nutrition; and innovation.

“DPS students and staff should be proud of our efforts in going green.  Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of school gardens, the amount of recycling taking place at schools, and the intentional focus on reducing energy and water usage in our school buildings.  Our Go Green Teams have done an excellent job!” says Alycia Meriweather, Executive Director for the Office of Science Education.

Last school year, DPS Go Green schools saved $403,027 in energy costs – earning those 42 schools $29,000 in incentive awards. DPS schools completed over 446 green projects at schools – from planting gardens, to energy audits, recycling challenges and many more.  This year, schools have already completed over 635 DPS Go Green Projects, more than 850 parents have attended energy workshops, and 24 DPS Pilot Recycling schools have increased their recycling rate this year from 14.11% to 21.86%.


Green Week Schedule of events:


Healthy Food Color of the Day: BLUE

  • Schools will be celebrating their “Go Green” teams members and thanking them for their service

Tuesday, April 21: RECYCLING

Healthy Food Color of the Day: YELLOW

  • The Scrap Mobile from Arts & Scraps will visit two schools to engage students in creative, hands-on activities from recycled material
  • Creativity Challenge for all Schools – What can YOU make from recycled materials?

Wednesday, April 22: EARTH DAY

Healthy Food Color of the Day: GREEN

  • Earth Day assemblies


Thursday, April 23: HEALTHY FOODS

Healthy Food Color of the Day: RED

  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Rainbow Plate offerings in school cafeterias, courtesy of the Office of School Nutrition

Friday, April 24: GARDENS

Healthy Food Color of the Day: PURPLE

  • Schools will be cleaning and planting gardens

Throughout the week, schools will also be encouraged to:

  • Hold a Green Spirit Day by allowing students to wear green T-shirts and other green clothes;
  • Hold an Eco Scavenger Hunt;
  • Conduct a Lights Out Contest to see how many classrooms can go the longest on natural light and keep the classroom lights off;
  • Offer Green Team Presentations, allowing Green Teams go room to room and present what they do and how the students in each class can conserve energy;
  • Hold a Community Clean Up;
  • Conduct a Recycled Art Project;
  • Discuss the 3Rs and determine which class can recycle, reduce, or reuse the most items in one day;
  • Create Go Green commercials that Green Teams share with their school;
  • Hold a Re-purposed Recycling Contest in which students are judged for the most creative re-purposing of an item of their choice.
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