Durfee student-led Data Wall contest gives voice to data

Students and teachers at Durfee Elementary-Middle School learned together how to show and tell a story around fresh data on Sunday, December 15, during their inaugural Data Wall Contest.

The Data Wall contest helps students and staff to better understand the importance of data by creating and scoring the best data walls. The contest was an opportunity to see real data dialogues with students and teachers in action. Using very basic statistical approaches to find relationships in data, students learned how charts, words and numbers could make a difference in daily teaching and learning. Students memorized scripts while leading judges through presentations of student-friendly displays on data walls.

Three questions were answered during presentations including:
1) What do most people think of when they consider data?
2) How can students and teachers use data to increase academic production and make it different from a variety of perceptions?
3) How can teachers and students work to communicate data with colleagues and an audience?

The top three teacher winners for 2014 were:
Towana Colvin- 1st Place, Third Grade Math and Science
Lynne Webb- 2nd Place, Pre-K
Sansula Lucas- 3rd Grade, Second Grade, Math and Science

The 2014 Data Walls included:
Floating to Proficiency with MAP Results
Star MAP Christmas Tree made of student ornaments
Book Challenge
Race Car Chart
Perfect Attendance Chart
Star Reading
Who’s A Bookworm: Own Chart
Bubble Gum Chart
Watch Our Seeds Grow Literacy, Math, and Physical Development
Hopping to Our Goal: Frog Chart
Busy Bees
Alphabet Recognition
Blowing Our Way to the Top Bubble Gum
Popcorn Reading
On the Road to Reading Success
Bench Steps, Curls, Commitment
Life Cycle of NWEA MAP
Race to the Top Star Math
Check for Understanding Data
Homerun for Success

Submitted by: Ricardo Martin, Principal, Durfee Elementary-Middle School

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