National Young Readers Week at Ronald Brown Academy 

Students and staff at Ronald Brown Academy participated in National Young Readers Week November 10-14. National Young Readers Week, an annual event co-founded by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, was developed to promote reading for all students in America. To make this week special, Ronald Brown Academy decided to incorporate several activities throughout the week to promote engagement and a new found love for students, staff and parents.

Activities that took place during National Young Readers Week at Ronald Brown included:

  • Principal and Assistant Principal lunch time reading and preschool classroom visits
  • Family Day (parents volunteer to read in their student’s classroom)
  • Surprise Reader Day
  • Student Book Buddy Day (upper grades read to lower grades)
  • Reading Pajama Party
  • Guest showing from radio station HOT 107.5

As a result of these activities, the goal for all students is to increase the amount of time they are reading each and every day which will assist with raising student achievement across the board.

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