Fall K-8 sports programs kick off Sept. 22 to build healthy bodies & minds for district’s youngest learners

Includes NEW city-wide “Goal Detroit” soccer league endorsed by Mayor Mike Duggan, Detroit PAL

DETROIT – Detroit Public Schools’ K-8 Sports League will kick off September 22 with six athletic programs for the fall season aimed at building healthy bodies for the district’s youngest learners and developing self-confidence, teamwork and leadership skills.

DPS’ Fall sports lineup includes the new city-wide “Goal Detroit” soccer league endorsed by Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit PAL (Police Athletic League). The range of K-8 Fall sports include: Girls Basketball (grades 7-8); Co-Ed Basketball (grades 3-4); Co-Ed Soccer (grades K-5); Flag Football (grades K-2); Boys Tackle Football (grades 6-8) and Co-Ed Golf (grades K-5).

Registration for each sport is now open and has been extended until Thursday, September 25. Parents must verify that the sports program of their interest is offered at their child’s school. Registration forms must also be completed at the child’s school.

Duggan announced the new citywide elementary school soccer league in partnership with Detroit PAL on September 4. “Goal Detroit” soccer will take place every Saturday until the Fall. It includes 700 students from 44 different teams including more than 20 DPS teams. Opening day is Saturday, Sept. 27 and the season will run through November 1. Weekly games will be played at Coleman Young Park, Farewell Park, Patton Park and Milan Park.

The K-8 Youth Sports League was launched in 2013 as part of the district’s new five-year Strategic Plan, which added programs such as more arts and music and youth sports at the elementary-middle school level. Roughly 2,500 students participated in last year’s K-8 athletic programs.

Edward Tomlin, Director of Elementary-Middle School Athletics for DPS hopes to double that number this year.

“The No.1 reason that students play sports is to have fun, but there are so many other benefits that students and parents sometimes don’t realize,” Tomlin said. “We would like to increase our participation numbers because we know that students who play sports are healthier and more active in school in all subject areas. Participating in sports at an early age also helps students to learn life lessons such as the importance of teamwork, leadership skills, persistence, drive and overall self-esteem building.”

The start date for Girls Middle School Basketball (30 teams district-wide), K-5 Soccer (20 teams district-wide) and Co-Ed Basketball (20 teams district-wide) is September 27. Middle School Tackle Football (seven teams district-wide) and K-2 Flag Football will begin the week of September 22.

Golf is a district-wide program that will provide an introduction to the sport and individual instruction at the K-5 level through a Fall Golf Clinic with Hollywood Golf Institute. Registration is now open at each school and will also extend through Thursday, September 25. The start date for the program will be announced in late September.

Open Enrollment is ongoing across ALL Detroit Public Schools. Parents interested in registering their students for the new K-8 Sports League programs who are not currently enrolled in DPS should enroll today!

For more details, visit detroitk12.org/enroll or call (313) 240-4DPS (4377).

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