Target Corp. and State Rep. Harvey Santana adopt Carver S.T.E.M. Academy during ARISE Detroit! Neighborhood’s Day

Santana donated 200 backpacks filled with supplies, while Target Corp. volunteers worked to beautify the interior and exterior school grounds. Several DPS schools were adopted by community partners through ARISE Detroit! to help prep buildings and classrooms for the new school year.

DETROIT – As part of the 8th Annual ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day event on August 2, 2014, ARISE Detroit!  partnered several Detroit Public Schools’ sites with local businesses and community organizations to beautify school grounds, clean and paint the interior of school buildings, and create safe routes to schools. This partnership was created to help prepare the school buildings for the first day of teaching and learning on September 2.

Target CorporationState Representative Harvey Santana and Resurrected Heart partnered with Carver S.T.E.M. Academy to donate school supplies and help spruce up the perimeter of the school.

Santana visited Carver S.T.E.M. Academy to donate 200 backpacks filled with supplies, which were funded by a $1,500 donation from Walmart for Carver students. Volunteers from Target Corp., and additional community volunteers, helped bto beautify the exterior and the interior of the building, as well as clean areas near abandoned homes to help students feel safe when walking to and front school each day.

For ARISE Detroit Neighborhood’s Day on Aug. 2, the complete list of DPS schools that were partnered with community organizations for beautification projects is below.


1. Mason Elementary-Middle School, 19955 Fenelon St.
Partner: Target Corp.
Project: Painting murals in the building and planting flowers outside of the building

2. Bagley Elementary School, 8100 Curtis St.
Partner: Meijer
Project: Cleanup/beautification of school grounds

3. Carver S.T.E.M. Academy, 18701 Paul St.
Partners: Target Corp., State Rep. Harvey Santana, Resurrected Heart
Project: Listed above

4. Davis Aerospace Technical High School, 900 Dickerson Ave.
Partner: Chrysler Corp.
Project: Painting the school and planting flowers

5. Blackwell Institute, 9330 Shoemaker
Partner: PNC Bank
Project: Cleanup/beautification of school grounds

6. Osborn High School Campus, 11600 E. 7 Mile Rd.
Partner: City Year
Project: Cleanup/beautification of school grounds

7. Ronald Brown Academy, 11530 E. Outer Drive
Partner: Special Tree Rehabilitation System
Project: Planting 10 fruit trees around the school grounds

8. Carleton, 11724 Casino St.
Partner: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Project: Painting murals

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