Lemonade Day and Detroit Public Schools join forces, developing over 30,000 of Michigan’s youngest business owners

ALL K-8 schools across the district will participate in Lemonade Day on Friday, June 6 with lemonade stands and fun activities for the public to enjoy!

Lemonade Day Detroit and Detroit Public Schools (DPS) have joined forces for the second year in an effort to inspire Michigan’s next generation of business leaders and owners. More than 30,000 DPS students, representing all of the district’s K-8 schools, have taken on Lemonade Day as a cross-curricular study throughout the school year. The state’s youngest business owners will be open for business on Friday, June 6.

VIDEO: Watch the Lemonade Day promotional video created by students at Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS) under the director of teacher Willie Wood.


Lemonade Day Detroit is part of a national effort to teach children how to start, own and operate a business through the simple, time-honored act of running a lemonade stand. Huntington Bank is the presenting sponsor of Lemonade Day in Michigan, now in the fourth year of helping youngsters learn valuable skills and business acumen.

The 14 lessons of Lemonade Day span all areas of study—math, science, art, social studies and marketing—and teaches kids how to use their education to meet a most basic life skill: how to earn a living. From setting goals to developing a business plan, the program teaches the same principles required to start any big company. Inspiring kids to work hard and make a profit, they are also taught to “Spend a Little, Save a Little and Share a Little” by donating to a charity that aligns with their personal passions.

“We want to prepare our kids—to give them the skills, knowledge and tools they’ll need—to keep our state moving forward,” said Mike Fezzey, President of Huntington’s East Michigan Region. “We know that not every child who participates in Lemonade Day will grow up and become a CEO or business owner. Some will. But they will all learn entrepreneurial skills, which are, by the way, some of the most highly sought-after skills in the talent market. Because of Lemonade Day, we believe that our kids will see possibilities for their futures that they may not have considered otherwise.”

“This is an invaluable experience for our students and a creative way to teach our youngest learners entrepreneurial skills that they can carry into high school and beyond,” said Karen Ridgeway, Superintendent of Academics. “We are grateful that Huntington Bank selected Detroit Public Schools to help implement an academic curriculum centered on Lemonade Day Detroit specific to our students.”

Nearly 80 schools across DPS will host lemonade stands throughout the day on Friday, June 6. On Saturday, June 7, Lemonade Day will be held all across Southeast Michigan. Hundreds of young entrepreneurs will set up and open for business.

Visit detroit.lemonadeday.org  or the Lemonade Day Detroit Facebook page.

Photography by: Harold Harris

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