Detroit Public Schools’ Bates Academy to receive $3.0 million make-over

Make-over to modernize top elementary-middle school’s learning environment with new lighting, heating/cooling units, bright paint, cafetorium/kitchen renovation

Bates Academy will receive a $3.0 million make-over this summer to transform its interior learning environments, marking the beginning of a multi- phased and multiple-year renovation of the school.

The improvements, which will begin in June after the last day of school, include installation of new heating/cooling units and ceiling replacements in all classrooms. The classrooms will also have bright new paint to stimulate a creative learning environment and full-scale upgrades of the lighting to replace the outdated incandescent and florescent lighting with modern and more energy-efficient lighting.

A kitchen, servery and cafetorium makeover will include new lighting, upgraded kitchen equipment, heating and cooling improvements and updated acoustics.

“We are thrilled to be receiving these much-needed improvements, that I am confident will only enhance our students’ ability to learn and grow within the stellar educational program that we offer,” said Dr. Cleo Moody, Bates Principal. “Our students and families deserve this, particularly since our school, which is the district’s top elementary-middle-school, has experienced so much disruption this year due to power outages.”

Summer school classes will be relocated to the Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS) so that upgrades can be finalized before the start of the school year.

“We know that facility upgrades, such as better heating/cooling and indoor air quality equipment, as well as bright classrooms with energy-efficient lighting, help to create 21st Century learning environments that are conducive to the level of academic achievement that Bates Academy is known for,” said Jack Martin, Emergency Manager for Detroit Public Schools. “These upgrades are long overdue for Bates Academy.”

Since the improvements are the beginning stage of a multi-phased and multiple-year project, a committee of Bates parents and staff will work with the District’s Project Team to offer feedback on a variety of design decisions, as well as identification of additional near-term priorities and enhancements for the school.


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