Adult West Campus First Annual College and Career Fair

Detroit Public Schools’ Adult Education West Campus hosted its First Annual College and Career Fair on Tuesday, May 20. Twenty-two vendors consisting of community colleges, four-year colleges, trade schools and a plethora of professionals were in attendance.

Students’ reaction to the career fair was one of wonder, intrigue and a renewed sense of hope. Many did not realize they had so many career options available to them. One realized he could still enlist in the army. Another discovered that he could receive a trade certificate in a six-week period. Knowledge is power and when Wayne State University’s Joilyn Stephenson told students that seeking grants, as opposed to loans, was the better option, students felt a sense of gratitude and relief.

The career fair was a combination of classroom visits and vendor displays. Utilizing this style allowed students to engage one-on-one with the various professionals. They were inspired by the stories of struggle that many of the professionals endured on their path to success. Others were just grateful for the service the retired police officers gave to the community.

Adult Education services a truly unique group of individuals. Many have had bumps in the road but still have grit and are willing to get up and try again. Somewhere along the way, they learned that education is the passport to future success. Who knows what seed will take sprout as a result of the many companies, organizations and institutions of higher learning that took time out of their day to visit our non-traditional students.

As a token of the gratitude, Adult Education Center awarded each organization with a certificate of appreciation.

Submitted by: Carlyss Lewis, Technical Training Manager at DPS Adult Education

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